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Nowadays I can see a lot a of buzz about SEO and many people practice it well and getting a success…but In this post I kept simple,I will explore various techniques which can easily drive away your blog visitors,Decrease your SEO score and maintain zero traffic And of course if you just started your blog then these tips will be useful to prevent visitors from visiting your blog.

Make a Design That sucks

Yeah your first target should be your blog design by making a design with a lot of graphics and JavaScript’s will surely suck your visitors patience and blow them by wasting their time. Black(also brown if possible) color background with a darker font color will do a trick for you.

Don’t forget Advertisements

As far as I know You can place at most 3 Adsense ads in a single page and If you combine some other ad networks like chitika with a blend of popups will the a just perfect for your visitors to search for your content in the same page. oops i forgot about affiliate links,put some affiliate links too…if possible make it three at least.

Write contents for robots

Of course machine will give you more traffic by polishing your keywords and you can easily trick the Bots then why you should consider damn humans who reads it, just think more keywords to fill up your article.

Email Marketing..Visitors engagement…Whats that ?

Why should you care about putting Email subscription box on your blog sidebar or below the post,they will just eat up the can use those space for monetizing . Why should you get back to those silly peoples who took time to leave comment on your article you will be surely wasting your time and energy which you can used for think about increasing your blog revenue.

Why care about Niche blogs ?

At last why should you read niche blogs anyway they are your competitors so don’t take care about them and Just focus on your work like implementing the above tips i gave. Well I have covered some basics of this art of directing your visitors to other blogs there are plenty more techniques to be shared..keep a good work and of course don’t care to comment about this article.

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