Tired of constantly dropping calls, or having a weak signal on your mobile phone while in your house? Depending on the proximity of your home to the nearest cell tower, you may find using your mobile phone in your home is more of a headache than a convenience. Consider installing a mobile phone signal booster from MyAmplifiers.com in your home to amplify the signal and increase effectiveness of your phone.

Why Buy from MyAmplifiers?

MyAmplifiers online store has a variety of signal boosters which work with all types of signals to help amplify either calls or data connection. With over six years of experience in the industry, MyAmplifiers.comis the place to go for all of your mobile signal boosting needs. Offering international shipping in only three to five days, along with a two year warranty and thirty day money back guarantee, there’s no reason not to try a signal booster.

How Does it Work?

The science behind signal boosters is simple. An outdoor antenna attracts the mobile signal from the cell tower and transmits it to a repeater. The repeater amplifies the signal and makes it available over a larger area than before. A basic installation kit includes everything you need to install a signal booster yourself in under an hour.

What Type of Antennas are There?

An installation kit will contain two antennas: an outdoor and an indoor. There are two types of outdoor antennas: yagi and omni. Which antenna you use depends on the model of your booster. Omni is the easiest to install, because unlike the yagi it doesn’t have to directly face the nearest tower. Either way both antennas are still fairly easy to install. First you install the outdoor antenna. The indoor antenna should be placed at least 5 meters away from the location of the outdoor antenna, in order to avoid interference.


The Antennas are Installed, Now What?

Once both antennas are in place, you’ll have to plug the interface into the repeater. The mobile signal booster manual will direct you as to the correct jack for each antenna. Each model is created differently. You should make the cables as short as possible, as the reception will increase with shorter cable. There is less distance for the signal to travel. Once you’ve plugged in the cables, you just have to connect the repeater to the power supply. The length of time required to accurately install your signal booster all depends on how long it takes to position the antennas.

Really? It’s that Easy?

That’s all it takes to quickly and effectively create a better working environment for your cell phonein your home. You’ll never suffer from dropped calls again, and you’ll notice an increase in productivity as soon as you install the booster. Visit MyAmplifiers.com today to find the right mobile phone signal booster for your home, and get professional installation advice and support, all for a price that may surprise you.

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