TikTok is continuously modifying its technology to offer its users more innovative options to enrich their content with visual effects. Recently, TikTok has upgraded its Green Screen feature to encourage users to create some interesting content with personalized settings.

But, what does the green screen look like on TikTok, and how to green screen a video?

This feature is available for all Tiktok users and they can use this effect without having a green screen. In this article, you will get to know how to use the green screen effect on TikTok.

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What is the Green Screen effect on Tiktok? 

Visual impacts are the preferred method for motion pictures since the first movie was projected on the big screen. The green screen is highly regarded for its possibility to take viewers to some other planet, and Tiktok has now launched a new” green screen” effect to enable users the most innovative resources possible.

This Tiktok green screen effect is being used by millions of users and they are already in love with it. You can select to modify the visual setting to a tropical island, a city landscape, a company logo, a shot of a special one, or a custom-made scenery. You can also make things appear like you’re in the room, at a dance, or posing next to your favorite celebrities.

What do the green screen icon and its effects look like?

The green screen effect of TikTok helps creators to transform every photo or video into a visual landscape in seconds. It’s a wonderful variation of the Cinema’s classic movies creating secrets and the simplest way to record videos filmed in any region.

The green effect on Tiktok has 22 different variations and the icons in the Green screen effect tab show the unique versions of this feature. These versions help you do everything from changing the backdrop around you to holding a picture over your face, head, and neck. The green screen icon looks like 2 overlapping images or an arrow and play button with green background.

How to green screen a video?

Open the Tiktok app and select “+”. Tap on effects and move to the “Trending” section to download Green Screen Effect. There are 2 different versions of this Effect. One is for clips and the other is for images.

Tap on the landscape icon featuring an arrow and play button if you are interested in using this effect in the background of your video content. Select the 2 images overlapping with one another if you need to use this effect in the background of your images.

Step by step guide to Green screen a video on Tiktok

The green screen effect is not available on the previous versions of Tiktok so you will have to download the latest version of this app to use this effect.


1. Tap on “+”

Select the “+” button on the main screen of the app. It will lead you to the recording screen of the mobile. You can use the front or back camera of your phone to record a video.


2. Select “Effects”

There will be an option of “Effects” at the bottom-left corner of the main screen. Tap on it and all the effects will appear on your screen. The latest, trending, editing, holidays, funny, and several other collections of filters will appear.


3. Download the Green Screen Effect

Move to the “Trending” (or Hot) section to download the green screen effect. If you need this effect for images, download the effect on the right side. If you are looking to add this effect to your videos, select the left effect.

If you couldn’t find this effect in the trending section, keep scrolling down to find an icon with a green landscape with an arrow and a play button.

4. Tiktok Green Screen Effect 

If you are unable to see this option on your app, simply go to the search bar and type the “greenscreen” hashtag on Tiktok.

Check the results to find a video that used the green screen effect. A small button will appear below the video saying “green screen effect.” Tap on this button for making a video by using this effect.

Green Screen with Image

You can add a picture behind you by using this effect. Tap on the green screen effect and you will see all the pictures on your mobile along with a slide bar. After adding the images, you can edit, zoom, crop, or rotate the picture to make it look perfect.

Green Screen with Video

Click on the “+” button for opening the camera and select the second green screen effect for recording the video. You can also edit, trim, crop, rotate and resize the background of the video before uploading it.


The TikTok videos should be edited before posting on the platform. The Tiktok green screen effect makes your video and picture look amazing. You’re all set. You can do more editing on TikTok such as reversing video on TikTok. It’s time to start experimenting with this filter to edit the video content and change the background of your photos.

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