In the modern business world, it’s easy to become just another faceless business. So many companies hide behind their website, conducting business via email. Of course, this technique will work for some, and plenty of companies do just fine. However, we think there’s a better way. We think businesses are better when they add a personal touch. There’s no reason that a business can’t present itself like a human being. The best are open, friendly, and inviting. The following are one or two tried-and-tested techniques to give your business that personal touch.



‘Meet the team’

Dedicate a page of your website to ‘meeting the team’. Show the real faces behind the emails and walls of text. Let people know that they are dealing with real people. It’s a simple trick, but it instantly puts customers and clients at ease. We don’t like to think that we’re dealing with a computer. Showing the faces and writing a few lines about each team member gives the company a personal touch.

Treat clients and customers like a human being

As the internet gathered momentum, and businesses flocked on board, they instinctively took an aloof approach. Web copy was written in third-person, and professionalism was maintained at all times. Lately, companies are getting better results from a more friendly and personable approach. Remember, your clients and customers are human beings! Talk to them like one. Why not send your users a Happy Birthday email on the birthday? Or send your clients a Christmas card from Act as you would in a real-world situation.

Social media


Here at TechieStuffs, we love social media, because it gives us chance to connect with our readers. We can engage in conversation, and listen to their feedback. By interacting with them through tweets and Facebook updates, you can create a real, personal connection. It shows that you are a living, breathing company with ideas and a personality. If you haven’t already got a business social media presence, you’re making a big mistake.

Photos and behind the scenes

Everyone loves a good behind-the-scenes shot! We love to know what’s going on at our favourite companies. Much like the first point, customers like to know that there’s a real team of people running the company. Post pictures on social media from the office. Are you working on something new and exciting? Take a picture and put it on Instagram. It shows a playfulness and personality that customers and clients can relate to.

Highlight good reviews

Lastly, take notice of any great customer reviews. Use them to your advantage and highlight them on your website. As humans, we are conditioned to trust our peers. More than 90{71b550cbed0aca3fea2335d26076176dc834a5ad6e765af844b2cea64fe7483b} of internet users trust online user reviews, which just shows how powerful they are. Most importantly, it shows that other people are using your product. It shows that you have a personal side and you’re keen to improve.

A lot of brands and companies think that showing their personality will dilute their professionalism. Studies actually show that letting your guard down and showing a personal side increases sales. So, try it for yourself, and let us know how it goes.

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