How to Free Update Drivers on Windows Safely

Have you been familiar with IObit? This software company has many utilities with the ultimate goal to effortlessly protect your online security, avoid potential online attacks and update your drivers to let you enjoy a better PC performance. Today, we’ll share you Driver Booster, which offers the basic function of device drivers updating.

Driver Booster allows each user to update their computer hardware devices drivers with just a simple click. It’s able to detect all the drivers, show their status. and offer updated recommendations.

How to Free Update Drivers on Windows Safely

Why You Need to Have Driver Booster

You may see Driver Booster as a helper to update all the outdated old and even damaged drivers on your computer. You don’t need to update one by one manually anymore. With this software, you can easily detect and fix which device needs an update.

The system will search any hardware device you are using, showing anything related to your device, including audio, USB, videos, and many others. This tool, however, is exclusive only to Windows OS. 

The great part about it is the compatibility with almost all versions of Windows. So no matter what your version is, Driver Booster will be guaranteed to work properly. 

Having Driver Booster may also help you to detect an error on each device. So before it starts causing trouble, you can mitigate the risk by immediately updating it. 

Notable Features

One-Click Button for All Updates

The first and the most vital aspect of Driver Booster is the one-click feature. As the name implies, you can update all the device drivers with only a single click. After finding out which driver needs an update, you may proceed to update them all by clicking the download button. The process will run pretty immediately.

Automatic Scanning

In the old days, one needs to enter the internet to find a specific driver for a particular device. This method is not relevant anymore since it’s tedious and very time-consuming. Driver Booster eliminates these issues by automatically detecting which device needs to be updated to avoid further damage. As a result, your computer can be safe, and you may rest assured knowing that everything is under control.

Game Booster

Game Booster

Many said game boosters are misleading. However, it’s not the case with this one. Driver Booster is way more than a regular PC booster. It brings the ultimate gaming experience by stopping unnecessary apps and services intelligently. In other words, this software will also close down some useless background processes to deliver a better gaming experience. You can access it as quickly as possible by creating an icon for IObit Game Boost.

Game Components Repair

Sometimes when opening a game, we often receive an error message mentioning that the “X’ file is missing. Not knowing what to do, most would go to the internet and try to install that specific part, even though it could be a wrong version.

Be free from this confusion by having IObit Driver Booster. The software will do an automatic repair for all gaming components to minimize errors. It is a very relieving feature to have on the go. 

How to Use IObit Driver Booster

The way to use the free driver updater is actually quite simple. Simply follow these simple steps:

  • First, you need to download the latest software on the IObit page.
  • Click on setup.exe to initiate the instalment process.
  • After it’s done installing, press Open and enter the Driver Booster main page
  • There you may find several features, including the SCAN.
  • Click it, and wait for the process to be done. The software will automatically detect all the software within your computer.
  • See the long list of the detected results, and click Download to update them simply.


IObit Driver Booster is more than a PC booster. It packs many features for more practicality and is a great enhancer for optimizing the gaming experience. Relieve yourself from the stress of installing device updates one by one with Driver Booster. 

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