How To Find Fast Money When You Really Need It

Many Australians tend to be living from payday to payday and simply can’t (or don’t) put money away for a rainy day. Something unexpected comes up where cash is needed quickly to solve a problem, but the issue is compounded through having a lack of cash.

So, if you find yourself in a situation where you need money fast, what are some ways you can come up with the cash you need in a short space of time?

Let’s look at some ideas.

Fast Personal Loans Australia

Fast Personal Loans Australia

One way you can get your hands on the money you need sooner rather than later is with fast Personal Loans. When it comes to fast loans, Australia has a number of options available to you; particularly in the private lending sector.

To readily compile a list of lending options, search online for terms like:

  • Personal loan providers
  • Personal loan instant cash
  • Fast personal loans Australia
  • Australian private lenders
  • And so on…

Banks can tend to take a while when it comes to Personal Loan or credit card applications, whereas private lenders place a major focus on doing things quickly. It’s one way they gain a competitive advantage over the banks. Generally, less paperwork is required too and you can complete the application process online from the comfort of home.

While borrowing the money means having to repay a debt, if you need cash quickly and you don’t have it, then a fast Personal Loan is a proactive solution.

Ask Your Boss for An Advance On Your Salary

If you have a job and you’re working for a salary, one option could be to ask your employer for an advance on your wages.

For example, if you need $1000 quickly, if your boss advances you the cash, perhaps you could repay it out of your future wages at $200 a week and have it repaid within 5 weeks.

This option is a viable one provided you get along well with your boss and the amount of money you require is not a huge sum.

An alternative idea is to get an advance on your holiday pay. If you’ve built up some annual leave, rather than taking your leave, you could convert it to a cash payout and use that money to solve your immediate financial dilemma.

At the very least, it can’t hurt to ask. The worst that can happen is your employer says no.

Ask Online For Some Ideas

sk Online For Some Ideas

Most Aussies have built up sizable networks of people on social media these days. Why not take advantage of those networks and seek advice and ideas? Explain your situation, that you need to raise a certain amount of cash in a short space of time and does anyone have any ideas on the matter.

More heads are better than one and you never know, someone just might offer you a money-making idea that you would never have thought of yourself. Sometimes all it takes is thinking outside the box a little and there’s more chance of that happening with multiple people helping you out and trying to solve your problem.

Sell Or Pawn Items of Value

Sell Or Pawn Items of Value

If you have some items around the house that have resale value, then you could try selling them, either by having a garage sale, posting for sale ads online on sites like Gumtree, eBay or Facebook Marketplace.

Alternatively, if you don’t really want to give up an item or two, you could try taking them down to your local pawn shop and getting a small loan. This is a way to get instant cash. The only downside is that you’ll likely have to repay the short-term loan with high interest. Still, it’s a viable option if you’re really strapped for cash, need money fast, but don’t want to actually sell the item in question.

In Conclusion

There are always options to find some money relatively quickly. Most of us have something we could at least sell. A fast cash loan is a way of getting you out of a tight spot quickly as well. Never be afraid to ask others for ideas.

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