macOS has always been notorious for its high storage space requirements. Considering that most MacBook devices have limited in-built storage, the issue becomes worse. But, do you know that two things would help you save up space on your Mac? Yes, just two things — one, you have to check how your Mac disk space is being used; two, finding duplicate files that take up your Mac hard drive space.

Unfortunately, macOS does not have an in-built utility to do this. But, that doesn’t mean that you cannot find duplicates or analyze Mac storage space. In this article, we have a complete tutorial on how to not just check disk space on Mac but also find duplicates and delete them for free. Before we get into the steps, we should have a look at the helpful piece of software here.

Disk Drill for macOS — Our Savior

Disk Drill for Mac is a wonderful piece of software that can do magic in your Mac device. Primarily a program for lost data recovery, you can use Disk Drill for a variety of tasks. Analyzing your Mac hard drive, finding the duplicate files and disk backup are some of these options. Today, however, we are going to use the first two functions.

While Disk Drill is free to use, there’s a fully-fledged Pro version with better features. However, if you want to simply analyze the drive and delete some duplicates, the free version should suffice. Now that you have a clear idea about Disk Drill, we will move onto the parts where we discuss how to free up disk space on Mac and how to find duplicate files Mac.

By the way, if you want more details about Disk Drill, you can read more about it in the official website.

How to Check and Analyze Disk Space on Mac?

Without further ado, let’s get started with the steps. We hope you have downloaded the setup file from the official site of Disk Drill and installed the program.

  • Step One

First, you have to launch Disk Drill 3 on your Mac. In a second or so, you will see the Disk Drill interface. It’d also show you the list of hardware disks and logical volumes.

From the top menu, select the option named ‘Clean up’

  • Step Two

In this screen, Disk Drill will show you the partitions available for scanning.

Choose the right partition and hit the ‘Scan’ button.

  • Step Three

Now, wait until Disk Drill finishes scanning the selected partition. Depending on the size of the hard disk, this process may take some time.

After a few seconds or so, you will be able to see the Disk Drill chart that shows storage consumption.

  • Step Four

Take a look at the map and see which folder/directory is taking up most of the space.

You can navigate within the list and go into individual files.

Now, you can select all the files and folders you want to delete. Click on the ‘Remove’ button to save up the space. Simple, isn’t it?

How to Find Duplicate Files Mac?

As we said, Disk Drill is an effective yet free duplicate file finder Mac tool as well. You can use this tool to not just find but also bulk remove duplicate files.

  • Step One

Open the Disk Drill interface and choose Find Duplicate button from the top menu.

  • Step Two

In the upcoming interface, you have to bring in folders that you want to search for duplicate files in. There’s a bunch of options.

First, you can simply drag and drop the folder you want to scan for duplicates.

Second, you can click on the ‘Add Folder’ button and select the folder.

  • Step Three

Once you have added the folders, hit the ‘Scan’ button.

Now, wait until Disk Drill scans the particular folder for duplicate files.

  • Step Four

This is the step where Disk Drill helps you find and delete duplicate files Mac. You can see the complete list of duplicate files in the folder. Disk Drill also tells you how many duplicate files exist.

As we did earlier, you can select one of the same files and hit the ‘Remove’ button.

That’s it, folks. You’ve successfully found and removed some of the space-consuming duplicate files in your macOS device.

The Verdict

We believe the process of finding duplicates and checking disk space on Mac was easier than expected. Sure, we need to thank Disk Drill 3, which makes the process so intuitive. It should be noted that Disk Drill is 100% safe to use, and it doesn’t cause any harm to your Mac. Sounds awesome, right?

Click Here to Download Disk Drill For Mac

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