How to erase SSD data permanently? There are many reasons why you might want to permanently delete data from an SSD. Some of it can be because you want to lend your SSD to someone else for a long time so you are worried that your data will leak and harm you.

Permanently deleting data from an SSD can actually be done using the Format Drive menu on Windows or Mac OS. But the problem is that this method does not guarantee that your data will be deleted 100%. There is a possibility that the data that you have deleted still creates a trace that can be recovered by other people who want to leak your data.

The best solution offered by technology experts is to use software such as AweEraser data erasure software. This software will help you delete files perfectly without leaving a trace or registry on your SSD.

Why is the AweEraser software highly recommended for cleaning SSDs? This software has several advantages, including the following.

  • User Friendly
  • 100% Success Rate in Deleting Files / Folders
  • 100% Safe for Data Security
  • Does not damage the SSD

So, How to erase SSD data permanently? Then you know AweEraser is the ultimate answer.

How to erase SSD data permanently using AweEraser?

AweEraser is a software that is very to use. Even though it permanently deletes data on the SSD, this software will not damage the SSD which is known to be very sensitive. Even the AweEraser will not reduce the lifetime of the SSD. Then, how to erase SSD data permanently?

There are three modes to choose from when using AweEraser.

Mode 1: How to erase SSD data permanently Using Erase Files / Folders Mode

Mode 1 is a mode for deleting data selectively from your SSD. Select files or folders that you want to delete. Then click Erase Now. AweEraser will erase selected data quickly without leaving traces.

Mode 2: How to erase SSD data permanently Using Wipe Hard Drive Mode

Mode 2 is a mode to erase the entire contents of the SSD at once. This mode is the same as the Format function found in Windows. It’s just that the results provided by this mode are safer than Format Disk from Windows.

To use Mode 2, open the app and select Wipe Hard Drive. Then, select the SSD Drive that you want to wipe. Click Erase Now and AweEraser will erase all the contents of the SSD quickly without traces.

Mode 3: Delete SSD data permanently using Wipe Free Space

Wipe Free Space is a mode for cleaning file traces that are usually left behind even after the files have been deleted. This is very useful to prevent unauthorized file recovery.

To use it, select the Wipe Free Space menu and select the SSD drive you want to wiped. Click Erase Now and this software will clean the traces file quickly.

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