WiFi security is one of the biggest issues right now. Every day we hear the news of hackers breaching a particular network. Wireless networks are easy to break-in when compared to wired networks. That’s what makes them an easy target for hackers.

To prevent yourself, from the risk of being hacked, you have to enable encryption on your wifi router.

But here’s a problem.

If you have ever gone to your router’s encryption settings, you’ll realize that there are a ton of different wifi encryption protocols. AES/WPA2, also simply known as AES, is considered as the best encryption protocol you can set for your router.

In this article, I’ll show you how can set your router’s encryption settings to AES/WPA2.

How to Enable AES Encryption on your router

Go to Router’s Admin Panel

First, you need to go to the admin panel of your router. It can be usually accessed by typing, but some routers have a different IP address. So if you don’t know what router’s admin panel address, you can use this database.

Enter Admin Username and Password

Ok, so now that you have typed your router’s default IP into your web browser, there will be a login form appear on your screen. This login form will require you to enter your admin username and password. After entering username and password, all you need to do is to press Enter.

Go to Wireless Settings

There will be different settings on the main page of the admin panel, such as Basic settingsfirewall rules, services etc. Among them, you need to click on ‘wireless’ settings.

Click ‘Security’ Settings

Once you go in the wireless settings area, there are many options such as Wireless Security, Basic wireless settings, Advanced wireless settings, Guest WiFi settings etc. From them, you need to click on Basic Security Settings. In some other routers, these settings will be named as just ‘security settings’.

Select WPA2

When you reach security settings, there will be a list containing different protocols for encryption such as WEP, none, WPA2/AES etc. You need to select AES/WPA2 and click on ‘Apply Changes’. In some routers, AES/WPA2 will be written in short form as WPA2.


That’s it. You have learned how to carry out AES protocol on your router. Here’s one thing I would like to tell you. AES protocol is mostly present in 802.11ac wifi routers. In older routers, AES protocol won’t be available. In this case, you can select WPA2-TKIP encryption protocol.

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