Every website owner wants more traffic. More traffic = more eyes on your product = more sales. More traffic means that you are reaching more people. It means the quick growth of your business, and a higher profit margin. Or perhaps you’re a humble blogger who’s just looking for a few more readers. There’s nothing more heart-breaking than spending hours on your posts to see only a small trickle of traffic. So, how do you increase your web traffic? Let’s take a look.

First, make sure you can handle it

Before you start creating viral campaigns and setting up adverts, you need to know you can handle it. If your tricks and techniques work, you could see thousands of people swarm your website all at once. That will cause a huge crash, and all your efforts will be for nothing. With that in mind, you need to know that your web host can handle lots of traffic. You can start by moving to the cheapest dedicated server you can find. A dedicated server deals with large traffic much better than your existing shared hosting. If you want to handle lots of traffic, strengthen your website!

Capture people

Secondly, before you see that influx of traffic, set up lots of customer capture mechanisms. Driving lots of traffic to your site is useless if you don’t do anything with it. You need to set yourself up to make the most of high traffic. Put your best product on sale in pride of place. Put email signup forms and social media links everywhere. Make sure that as many visitors as possible are converted to long-term readers or customers.

Content and sharing


Right, now that you’ve strengthened your site and put capture mechanisms in place, you’re ready. The best way to start increasing traffic is through content. Good content is shared by millions and spreads all over the internet. It’s an essential part of your online marketing strategy. Start by producing compelling content relevant to your business. It could be a blog, infographic or viral video. Your mantra here is quality, not quantity. Make content worthy of sharing!


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Online advertising

It’s important to remember than content isn’t a magic wand. Your traffic won’t double overnight, it takes time. But, if you want to give it a quick kick, try some online advertising. Online ads are the best way to boost your traffic quickly. We like to use Facebook ads and Google AdWords to supply relevant adverts. You can promote your content on Facebook and ‘boost’ it to reach your target audience. Truly organic ‘viral’ content is hard to come by. It’s almost always kick-started by a heavy advertising budget. Try it yourself.


Most major websites source half their web traffic through Google or search engines. It’s time to optimize your website for search, and make sure you’re taking advantage of this traffic. Use SEO tricks and techniques to improve your search rank and visibility. In just a few months, you’ll see your overall traffic soar as a result.

Remember, there are no shortcuts to huge traffic. Follow this advice, and double your traffic in a measured way. Good luck!

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