Ah, internet the modern elixir that we can’t live without and probably the thing that is most hated in modern technologies. The reason behind our love hate relationship with the internet is because of numerous factors that stem from once core principal which is that internet is the most influential and powerful invention in the human history. With great power comes great responsibility as well, the internet has countless benefits if used for the right means, on the other hand the destruction that this single piece of technology can cause is unmatched. But let’s be honest we all like to spend time on internet whether it’s for work or entertainment purposes.

Now Internet has transformed itself to an essential tool In contrast to its previous iterations of being used either for entertainment purposes or by high profile organizations for their internal communication. The current pandemic has moved even the regular consumers to use it for work purposes. Now people are actually working from home over internets, plus it has been a critical part of continuing the seamless flow education in times where students can’t go to their respective schools and colleges. All this has been possible just because we have internet, this also has increased the importance of being connected to the internet without interruptions as only a disconnection of seconds can cause serious problems.

The thing that we hate more than the internet is having no internet or a disconnected one, no one likes to see that annoying buffering icon during their favorite movie or would want to deal with their game crashing due to the internet being disconnected. However, the thing with most internet disconnections is that they occur due to very simple reasons and can be often fixed by simple tricks that doesn’t require you to call your ISP and get a technician’s visit that will ultimately cause some serious damage to your bank account. But before you wear your superman cape and prepare to fix your internet problems by yourself the first step is to diagnose the problem.       

How to Diagnose Your Internet Problem?

Well the word internet is made up of many different components and the failure of any single one of them can lead to internet disconnection. Most of our devices are connected to the Wi-Fi that is crucial component of internet that makes it wireless, most of the times the problem is with that Wi-Fi. Either the user is not connected to it or it is turned off so you won’t be able to see the Wi-Fi signals, the same is with the modem which is the main component that makes the internet work for you converting the data coming from the ISP’s server into data that can be interpreted by user’s devices. So the first part of the diagnosis is to check if all equipment are working and your devices are connected with them.  

The second part of the diagnosis is built into most modern operating systems. This type of diagnosis is carried out by the software end, the software usually checks the problem with the attached connection by sending data to a test server, if the test data reaches the server than the connection is all good if it doesn’t the software applies additional checks to find out exactly where the problem is. In most cases operating system diagnosis are not that helpful but if you are a beginner to all this then this is where you should start with. They are very easy to conduct and may provide you with the starting clue on where the problem is. 

How Can You Fix the Internet Problems?

As mentioned previously internet is basically a composition of different components that allows the user to be connected to the web. The component usually provided by internet service providers like Charter Spectrum namely includes the modem, router and the cables which are used to connect to the devices. A problem with any of these can cause the disconnection, however sometimes the problem is complicated and requires a technician’s visit. Problems like these are originated from the backend and there’s not much what a normal user can do to fix them. However, most of these are in user’s control and here we will take a look on what a normal user can do to fix their internet problems. 

  • Restarting the Wi-Fi Router or Modem 

As funny as it sounds this is the most commonly used fix and fortunately it’s the one that works most of the times. Usually the most common problems with home internet include DNS server error, IP address not properly assigned, Operating system not recognizing the attached network device, or data packets that are stuck in the line. Surprisingly, all these problems can be sorted with a flip of a switch. When a device like modem restarts all the data is refreshed and this allows operating system of the connected to device to gather information like IP and DNS from scratch. This fix also cleans up any corrupted packet that might get stuck during transmission. 

Similarly, restarting the Wi-Fi router allows all devices to get disconnected and a new fresh connection is established thus solving most of the network problems. A more advance iteration of this process is resetting the equipment this erases all the network data stored and if you have the basic knowledge of networks you can easily configure your modem for a faster, stable network   

  • Ensure All Cables Are Plugged In

This one also might sound absurd but most of your internet problems are because of that loose cable that’s dangling down like a noose. Talking about cables make sure that they are properly plugged in from both ends, additionally check your wall jacks because rusted wall jacks are often unable to grip the cables properly and a slight jerk might give you sleepless nights without the internet. On the other hand, most people just ensure their modem cables and forget about the ones that are connected to the Wi-Fi router as well. Because in order to use the internet properly all these devices must be connected to each other firmly to form a stable connection. A quick network diagnostic from your operating system can tell if you have a disconnected cable.

  • Changing your Service Provider

If nothing works for you and you consistently suffer from frequent disconnections or slow speeds then the ultimate fix is to change your service provider. Because no matter how hard you try somethings are not meant to be fixed. A persistent bad connection has a lot to do with the service that you are using and switching to a different provider might be the ultimate solution that you are looking for. Talking about service providers Spectrum is a key stakeholder in the Internet landscape with a loyal customer base and immensely positive reviews regarding speed and network stability. So, the next time you’re looking to switch your service provider because of bad service do give it a shot. 

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