The mobile app development has seen a rapid growth in the past few years as the technological developments have caused the introduction of more influential electronic devices. Apple has played a great role in this change by introducing iOS devices. Through the collaboration with telecommunication companies apple provided unlimited access to the web through its devices and through the App store, it provided the redistribution of various applications which caused the development of various apps for the apple Smartphones by outsiders. Now, one can create iOS game apps using the special requirements for developing the games.

Know The Basics

If you want to develop a gaming app for an iOS device, for example, 888 poker app, you should be able to use objective- C. The iOS and MAC app development is completely based on this language. You will also need to know how to use the Xcode. Apple provides the integrated development environment called Xcode to create the apps. This is the best option to use if you are thinking of developing cross-platform apps. You can always visit apple’s site to understand how the Xcode works and to clear any doubts regarding the Xcode documentation.

How To Develop A Gaming App For iOS Devices

Use Of Open Source Frame Work

The best and easy way to do the development of game apps for Apple iOS devices is to use open source framework such as Cocos 2D. This framework allows the developer to reuse the codes for objects like text labels and sprites. Though the process of developing the app is not very easy and even frustrating for a person who is not skilled to do it, the help you receive from the app store in the form of software development kit or SDK will be of great use and you will require very less time to complete the job.


Providing Direct And Clear Interaction

When a person is playing a game they look for direct and clear interaction. The gamers expect immediate access to control the game play and hence you need to test the game app you have developed using the real touch screen on iOS devices. The success of game apps like angry birds and temple run can be attributed to their clear and straightforward accessibility. It is also necessary for the developer to make the game app visually interesting. Even though you use limited graphics and limited colors make sure that you create something that will keep the people interested in the game.

Submit The Game To Apple

Once you are ready to run the app using the tools such as Xcode IDE, iOS simulator and other instruments, you can get the resources for testing it on devices by joining the developer program of apple by paying $ 99. You can submit the IOS game to the app store using the application loader utility. The Apple submission team will check the app and will approve it once they are satisfied and the app will appear on the App store and it will be ready for sale to the gamers.

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