How To Determine How Much Your Mac Is Worth?

After a couple of years of using the same computer, it’s natural to want to upgrade to a newer version. A new computer will be faster, have a better RAM processor, and have the latest technology to accompany it. Yet, the question becomes, what should you do with the computer that you already have. 

If you currently have a Mac laptop or desktop, and you’re looking to get rid of it so you can upgrade, a great option is to look into selling your Mac at a trade-in shop, so you can put some of your earnings towards your next computer. When you’re looking to trade in your Mac though, it’s not always clear how much your Mac is worth. 

Continue reading to learn more about a couple of the key factors that determine how much your Mac is worth. 

How Much Storage Space Does Your Mac Have?

How Much Storage Space Does Your Mac Have?

A main factor in determining how much money your Mac can fetch as you resale it, is the amount of storage space that’s on the hard drive. Different kinds of Macs offer different amounts of space. Some offer only 216 gigabytes while others offer up to two terabytes. If your computer is the kind that can hold up to two terabytes worth of information, then you’re going to be able to get more money when you resell your Mac.

How Old Is Your Mac?

Another item that will affect the price that a resale shop is willing to offer you for your Mac will be based on how old the Mac is. If your Mac is less than three years old, you’ll still be able to get a decent price for it. However, if your Mac is five years old (or older), you’re going to struggle to sell your Mac for a significant amount of money. 

What Type of RAM Processor Does Your Mac Possess?

What Type of RAM Processor Does Your Mac Possess?

The amount of RAM your computer has determines how quickly it can process things. FOr example, people who play a lot of video games or do a fair amount of video or photo editing on their computers will want a Mac that has a larger amount of RAM.

Since having more RAM allows your computer to run more quickly, many people are willing to pay more for it. If you have a decently sized RAM processor, you’ll definitely want to wager that as you look at setting the price for your Mac.

What Condition Is Your Mac In?

What Condition Is Your Mac In?

When a buyer is looking at the condition of the Mac they’re considering buying, they’ll want to know about both the internal and external qualities of the computer.

The internal aspects of the Mac will cover:

  • Battery life – does your Mac still hold over 80% of its original battery capacity, or do you have to recharge it multiple times a day?
  • System speed – does your Mac still load new applications and web pages quickly or has it’s processor slowed significantly since you first bought it.

The external aspects of the Mac will cover: 

  • Screen – is your screen unbroken and free of any major scratches?
  • The body – is your Mac’s body free of any major scratches or discoloration? 

Top Ways To Sell Your Mac

When it comes to finally selling your Mac, there are two main ways to do it: on your own where you find a seller or through a trade-in shop. While neither option is better than the other, there are pros and cons to both methods for selling your Mac.

Selling Your Mac On Your Own

When you decide to sell your Mac without going through a third-party vendor, the major advantage is that you get to establish the price that your Mac is going to be sold at. If you do enough research and look to see what other Macs are selling for that are similar to yours, then you should have a decent idea of what to list your Mac for.

When you sell your computer on your own, you’ll get all of the money from selling your Mac since there won’t be a third party vendor to take a cut. However, a disadvantage to selling your computer by yourself is that it could take much longer to find a potential buyer. You may also want to consider listing your computer through a site that has a secure payment system (like eBay) so you can be assured that you’ll receive the money for selling your Mac.

Selling Your Mac Through A Third-Party Vendor

If you don’t want the hassle of finding a buyer on your own, sell your Mac to a trade-in shop. They’ll offer you a quote online so you’ll know exactly how much your Mac is worth

Be sure to shop around at different trade-in shops to ensure that you’re receiving the best deal possible for your Mac. 

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