As a TikTok user, you probably know that the TikTok video editor doesn’t come with a cut or split function, so what we mean by how to cut TikTok videos or how to cut videos together on TikTok is actually a workaround method using the trim function, which is super-easy to use and basically gives you the same result. So, let’s get started…

How to Cut Your Video on TikTok?

Let’s take a single clip and show you how to cut it using the trim function:

1. Open TikTok and tap the + sign, but don’t record anything. Just tap the Upload icon and bring in one of your existing clips from the Camera Roll or Gallery.

How to Cut Your Video on TikTok

2. Inside the TikTok video editor, drag the red trim handles on the left and right edges of the clip inward, and choose the portion of the video that you want to keep.

3. Click Next, add any effects, stickers, or filters you need to, then finally, click the Drafts button at the end to save the edit. You can also post it directly to TikTok.

The above process is used for clips on your phone. You can follow a similar process if you just shot a video with TikTok as well. The only difference is that after you shoot the video, tap the checkmark and then tap the Trim icon at the top. You can now follow the trimming process as described above.

How to cut out parts of a video on TikTok and save them on my phone?

By ‘parts of a video’, you mean individual clips that you can edit together inside TikTok. To do this, import the clips as shown in the previous process, but use the ‘Multiple’ option to select more than one clip.

How to Cut Your Video on TikTok

Then, follow these steps:

1. Tap on the Default tab to go into edit mode.

How to Cut Your Video on TikTok

2. Tap each clip to select it, and then trim it to just the part you want to keep.

3. Do this for each video clip to cut out unwanted parts and only keep the remaining bits.

4. After trimming all your videos, hit Next, do other edits if required, and finally, tap on Drafts to save the clips to your phone in the same sequence.

You have now successfully cut parts of the video and saved them on your phone.

Tips to NOT Miss when Adjusting Video Clip Length in TikTok

Tip #1: Always shoot in high resolution or a high framerate (60 fps)

When you trim a video down to a specific length, you may also be doing other edits like slow motion, cropping, filters, and so on. To avoid blurry or grainy clips, make sure the original is shot at 60 fps or at a high screen resolution.

Tip #2: Use the Adjust Clips feature in TikTok to save time

Use the Adjust Clips feature in TikTok to save time

Previously, if you made a mistake in one of your video clips, you had to record that one as well as the rest of the sequence all over again. To save time, use the Adjust Clips feature introduced by TikTok last year, which lets you re-shoot individual clips without disturbing their position in the sequence. You can also rearrange the clips after trimming them.

Tip #3: Use a desktop video editor to trim videos prior to uploading to TikTok

Use a desktop video editor to trim videos prior to uploading to TikTok

If you’ve shot your videos on your native camera app, you can export them easily into a desktop editor like iMyFone Filme, which allows you to wirelessly (or with a data cable) transfer images from your phone to your desktop. Inside Filme, just drag the clips into the timeline editor, use the trim handles to cut unwanted portions, and put the videos into the correct sequence before exporting them to any preferred video format.

Tip #4: Transitions and other edits make your videos look more professional

If you’re using a proper video editor like iMyFone Filme, also consider adding transitions in between the clips to make them look like they were done professionally. A simple cross-fade transition or special animation can make a lot of difference. Also, you can consider making the clips look uniform by adding similar filters, altering the contrast to match each other, and so on.

Final Words

Always keep in mind the needs of your audience when creating TikTok videos. Targeting the audience with LOL humor, cute subjects, thoughtful content, and other similar appealing themes will give your posts a better chance of going viral. Moreover, using the right video editor will ensure that they look as professionally-made as possible. iMyFone Filme’s feature to import videos from your phone with just a couple of clicks will serve you well because you will have access to a whole range of editing features, effects, transitions, text options, free audio and music tracks, and much more.

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