Creating content isn’t as easy as getting an idea and then forming an article around it. The content has to be interesting enough and readied to be shared online. Otherwise, your blog will just sit there, read by few and vastly ignored.


1. Understand what your target audience wants. Your audience needs to actually care about your content in order to share it. Who are you catering to? What do they need? What are the problems they have or questions they want answered? Where and when are they online? What are they looking for when they’re online?

2. Create a great headline. This is such an old rule, but it’s still extremely important. Your headline is your first impression. It has to be interesting at the same time that it clarifies what your content is about. Plus, it has to be honest. If someone clicks on the headline expecting one type of article, but you deliver something different, they won’t trust your headlines in the future. You could lose a reader before you even really got them. This is also a good way to get flagged by Google. If Google on longer ranks your web page, you might as well shut it down.

3. Always be original. Even if your niche is in a popular topic, like social media marketing, you can always find gaps in information. What are most writers not talking about? What are the questions that people still seem to have? A great way to explore these areas is to check out the comment section on popular blog posts.

4. Don’t be scared of long content. If your content is of high quality and engaging, people will read to the very end, even if it goes on for 1,000 words. Plus, longer articles have more opportunities for SEO. Break up text into small paragraphs to encourage people to continue reading.

5. Get people to feel something. One of the best ways to do this is with storytelling. In order to keep people interested, they have to experience some sort of emotion when reading your content.

6. Keep up with trends. This is a tactic that ad agency services use to make sure they’re always on top of what’s popular. By stay up-to-date with what people are interested in, you can craft your content to suit them.

7. Add visuals. Not only do photographs make a fast impact, but they can also be used to break up a lot of content and encourage people to keep scrolling.


8. Make sure the content is useful in some way. Whether it’s useful because it’s entertaining and your audience needs a break from the daily grind or you’re providing some sort of process to make their life easier, your readers need to get value from your content.

The more your content is shared, the more your brand awareness will increase. You should also notice that website traffic increases.

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