Part 1: Introduction

With the capability to store HD content along with complex subtitles, MKV is a common format while ripping DVD and Blu-ray discs but on the flip side, playing the ripped or downloaded files in MKV may pose issues due to compatibility issues. So instead of struggling to find the right player, converting MKV to a more popularly used format like MP4 is a simple and straightforward solution. Using a good conversion program, MKV video formats can be converted to MP4 and can be then played on all types of players and devices.

Part 2: Online Converter to convert MKV to MP4

Online converters are basic tools that work from the browser and need no software download or installation. These programs work best when you a few files to be converted in basic quality without any requirement for high-end features. We recommend Online UniConverter as one such online tool that supports MKV to MP4 and several other conversions on a simple yet quick manner. This free to use program allows processing two files at a time and supports several audios, video, and image target formats. The converted files can be downloaded to your PC or can also be saved to your Dropbox account. Earlier known as, Online UniConverter works on Windows and Mac system.

Steps to convert MKV to MP4 using Online UniConverter:

Step 1: Launch on your PC browser window. Click on the + sign to browse and import the local MKV videos to be converted. Alternatively, you can also drag and drop the files.

Step 2: At Convert all files to: tab, choose MP4 from the Video list as the desired target format

Step 3: Click on the CONVERT button to start with the file uploading and conversion process. Once complete, the MP4 file can be downloaded or can be saved to the dropbox account.

Part 3: Professional tool to convert MKV to MP4 without hassles

An Online tool is good for converting a few files with basic requirements. If you are looking for a professional conversion where multiple files in high quality with added features can be converted, we suggest Wondershare UniConverter as the best option. This Windows and Mac-based desktop software can be easily installed on your system, after which MKV, as well as other files, can be converted to MP4 and several other formats in lossless quality. The batch conversion ensures that multiple files are processed at a time. Option for file editing using the built-in editor is also there. Additional features include file compression, file transfer, and others.

Steps to convert MKV to MP4 using Wondershare UniConverter

Step 1: Launch the software and load MKV videos

Download, install and open the Wondershare UniConverter software on your Windows or Mac system. On the main interface choose the Convert tab and then click on the +Add Files button to browse and import the local MKV videos. You can also drag and drop the files. Multiple files for batch conversion can be added at a time.

Step 2: Edit the files (Optional)

The added files can be seen on the interface with details and a thumbnail image. Under the image, the icons for editing are present. Click on the desired option and a new pop-up window will open. Make the needed changes from the window and click on the OK button.

This is an optional step and can be skipped if there is no requirement for file editing.

Step 3: Choose MP4 as the target format

At the top-right corner, expand the options at Convert all files to: tab. At the pop-up window, the supported formats will appear. Choose MP4 from the Video list. Also, choose the file resolution.

Step 4: Convert MKV to MP4

Choose the desktop location to save the converted files at the Output tab. Finally, click on the Convert All button to batch convert the added MKV files to MP4 format. On the interface, the converted files can be managed from the Converted tab.

Part 4: The difference between the online and the desktop software

Above we have discussed both the online as well as a desktop program for converting MKV to MP4 format. Listed below are the major differences between the two tools.

  • Online programs are the browser-based program that needs no software installation or download whereas desktop programs need to be installed, downloaded, and registered on your system
  • Online programs are free to use while desktop tools are registered and paid programs
  • Online programs are internet-dependent while desktop programs once installed are not dependent on the availability of the internet for its conversion and other processes
  • Majority of the online programs have a limitation to the number of files and the file size that can be added to the interface for the conversion while the desktop program does not have any such limitation
  • Online tools are basic programs without much additional features and functions. On the other hand, desktop software is a full-fledged professional tool that comes with an array of functions like editing, transfer, compression, batch processing, and others
  • Online tools have a slow processing speed as they are internet dependent, while desktop software is fast to work with.

Thus in nutshell, it can be said that online programs are good for a few basic conversions while desktop software works best when you need high-quality output files with additional features.

Part 5: About Wondershare

Wondershare is a publically listed company with several software that are apt for amateurs as well as professional alike. Wondershare UniConverter is one of the popular tools by the company that is a complete video-toolbox that supports a range of functions like video conversion, editing, DVD burning, video transfer, video playback, and others. Another poplar tool by the company is Filmora that is an excellent video editing tool for Windows and Mac systems. So using different software by Wondershare all your video and audio needs can be taken care in a professional manner.

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