How To Clean Your Gaming Consoles Safely And Easily?

Well, an average gamer spends about six hours per week playing video games. But do any of these players are serious about cleaning their consoles? With cleanliness being a hot topic amidst the chaos of this pandemic, it is high time that you clean your consoles periodically. No doubt, today’s hardware is sturdily built to withstand harsh treatments. 

But that doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t clean them regularly. One of the most sinister hazards your expensive gaming consoles face is dirt. According to research from Betway casino, your gaming consoles usually comprise mold, yeast, and bacteria, which can damage your gaming consoles over a certain period of time. The worst affected areas are the buttons and joysticks, as they help you control the game. 

The Types of Bacteria that grow on your consoles

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It is hard to believe that the gaming consoles used by us are three times dirtier than a toilet seat. Let’s take the example of BACILLUS SPP. These bacteria are known to cause food contamination as well as dysentery. It is usually found on the areas of the consoles which you touch the most. 

On the other hand, mold is another dangerous form of fungus which is commonly found in gaming consoles. Though they are usually harmless, they form into invisible funny patches. When inhaled in large quantities, molds can be highly dangerous. 

How dirty are the Consoles?

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Well, game controllers or consoles also get pretty dirty. As per many health practitioners, the best thing you can do before embarking on a gaming session is to touch the consoles with a clean hand. Make washing hands a priority before you sit down to participate in your favorite games. 

In this manner, you can prevent the buildup of microbes on the controllers. In the controller of PlayStation, you would usually find 73 colonies of bacteria. On the other hand, in Xbox, you would come across 83 colonies of bacteria. So as you can see, these figures are pretty significant. To ensure minimal exposure, thorough cleaning of the gaming devices is the top-most priority. 

What are the Strategies to Disinfect a Game Console from Outside?

Disinfect a Game Console from Outside

In case you don’t know, the primary offender polluting your gaming devices is dust. For many of us, a small amount of dust may not be a huge deal. But over time, if you are not maintaining the consoles, dust can influence the console’s performance. 

Irrespective of the type of device you own, follow the below-mentioned strategies to disinfect and ensure a long life of your gaming devices.  

  • You have to dust the device as well as the surrounding areas periodically. For instance, you can clean them once every three or six days. 
  • Make sure that you go for a cleaning solution that is devoid of any bleaching agents. On the other hand, using a fur-free fabric must disinfect the console. Isopropyl alcohol is also a suitable cleaning agent to check the growth of microbes. Always be careful to ensure that none of the cleaning solutions gets into the opening. 
  • If you are apprehensive about using cleaning agents, go for wipes. Nowadays, you can find disinfectant wipes in a large number of quantities. Wipes usually don’t contain alcohol or water. 
  • You can use a Q-tip to clean the intricate areas of the gaming devices and consoles. 

Always seek professional advice if you are to clean the insides of the gaming devices. Experienced technicians have the know-how to clean the interiors of the consoles. So keep your gaming consoles clean and ensure a safe playing environment.  

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