Media content has gone from journalism to blogging to video almost in the relative blink of an eye. And video enables your company to bring its brand to life with fun, emotion, imagery and color that it’s not possible to do with the written word. Its importance is such that a video is now more than a lead generation platform – it is perhaps the difference between the success and failure of your company.

Choosing Your Animation Company

As with many businesses, a video production agency is only as good as their work demonstrates. The first point of call is therefore the firm’s own website, on which they are likely to post their very best examples. You can also check out YouTube and Vimeo for some of their other examples for clients named on their website.

With such a crowded marketplace for your audience’s attention, communicating with and getting the right messages to them can be a little challenging. Although there have never been more platforms and channels to get content out, this creates the double dilemma that it has never been harder to get, and keep, peoples’ attention.

Keeping Their Attention

Because of the crowded marketplace, only the best and most engaging content will draw your viewers’ attention – and keep it on your corporate videos. Bear in mind that this means the competition for video mindshare is becoming more and more sought after, and if your video is the duff with stock images, generalized content and jargon and boring templates, the end result is that you will do your company more harm than good. As with anything in marketing (and life?), you get what you pay for with video.

What Makes a Bad Video?

We mentioned some of the ingredients for a bad video a moment ago, but add to that list cheaply-drawn graphics, highly pixelated characters, clunky transitions and irrelevant images are some of the no-no’s of making a good animated video. 

On the other hand, those videos with compelling stories, upbeat and relevant music, easy-on-the-ear voiceovers and quality sound effects make for a good end product, and one that people are not only more likely to engage with, but are more likely to share and like. 

Choose Wisely

Your chosen corporate video-production company needs to be able to convey your company’s ethos, brand and value proposition in a short video of between 30 seconds and two minutes. The agency’s ability to reflect your style and tone is crucial in building your animated videos, and it’s important to keep consistency across all your content. 

It’s not vital, but try to find a video company that has experience in, or at the very least some good knowledge of your industry. It’s always a good start if they understand the “language” of your industry, the personas that you’re selling to, and the key messages you’re trying to put across. 

When choosing, it’s also worth asking the agency if they do the work themselves, or outsource it to other freelancers. Are its graphics done in-house or outsourced? And what are their timelines for beginning production. Understanding not only the agency’s capabilities but also its procedures and modus operandi is crucial in establishing whether you can work with them in the long-term.  

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