digital-printersDigital Printing is a most popular form of printing in which Digital image or other media is printed on variety of materials.Nowadays Digital printers have very high demand,from Home to Offices digital printer are needed everywhere.

While buying Digital printers there are some main specifications you need to look after and most importantly it will be a wise choice to buy it from a known Digital printing brands like Konica Minolta Digital Printing solutions.

Konica Minolta are providing wide range of quality Digital printing solutions since 2003 after the successful merge of two most popular companies:Konica and Minolta .

These are the specifications you need to look before buying

  • Print Paper size
  • Print Speed
  • Average Print volume
  • Print Resolution (in dpi)
  • Standard Memory
  • Power requirements

Print Output paper size

The output paper size is standardized under the name of supplementary raw format A(SRA).For example SRA3 output format will be having an area of 144000mm2.

Print Speed

Speed of Digital printers are measured by calculating number of pages printed per second(ppm).Higher the print speed higher the production.

Selecting printers according to its print speed is made easy by the selection filters on Product page at konica Minolta website.Most of the printers by Konica Minolta falls on the range of 60ppm – 200ppm print speed.

Print Resolution (in dpi)

The resolution of a print is measured by calculating the number of dots per inch(dpi).If print resolution is lower then the output will be blurred and the amount of blur also depends on the output size.

Archiving and tracking documents

Another important consideration is how to track the use of your printers. Using printers from businesses that offer machines that come bundled with managed print service software is the answer. A  managed print service is one that tracks use but also stores copies of your printed documents. This saves time, offers security and ultimately saves you money.

Power requirements

Power consumption should be taken care of before buying the DIgital printers.Power consumptions are measured by unit kilo Watt (kW).Before finalizing the order please look for the power ratings and power energy star ratings.


Normally its very tough to make a clear decision on choosing a gadgets or Digital devices and this fact also suits for Digital printers,One needs to consider his requirements and available range on market before buying a digital printer.

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