Dozens of free and paid video download tools are hastening around everywhere on the Web. However, if you are going to watch a high pixel video offline, you cannot waste your time on browsing and testing numerous downloaders available on the Internet. It is just all because you cannot judge a book by its cover that is why so many sluggish and non-working tools are still being promoted on the Internet.  It is a tough job to figure out what video downloading software and services are worthy of trying and what are not. Here we offer you a complete guide on how to choose a reliable video downloader that will satisfy all your download needs.


Step 1. Check acknowledged tools

Go to popular download archives like PCWorld, Cnet, Softpedia, or and see what video download tools rank high there. E.g., Freemake Video Downloader takes one of the leading positions on all these sites.  It means that editors of these top technology magazines tested and valued the software high, so it was featured on the archive main page and welcomed by ordinary users.

Indeed, it is very hard not fall in love with this tool. It gives you everything that you want to do with online videos like converting them to any file format, downloading videos from thousands of sites, ripping full video playlists and much more. Freemake Video Downloader enables you to grab the bull by the horns; it empowers you to get any hefty video in seconds without having any irritating ads appear on the videos. Downloading video is just a piece of cake when getting such out-world downloader. Simply fire up “One click mode” and specify batch parameters for video clip quality, file format and location. Downloader will automatically grab videos as per your configurations. It is extremely helpful when you download a number of videos to the same file format.

Step 2. See developer history

One worthy note is the credibility of the company behind the product. Now on the market there so many one-day software companies which release bad-designed, unprofessional software, which have a higher chance to harm your PC rather than help you. Why, you would ask. Just simply because of bad programming code, which can easily interfere with your existing software or codecs and clog your machine. See how many reviews the software tool has, on which sites and how long have they been operating. Do they have a track record at all? Where are they from? Are they active on social networks or it’s the cemetery there…Do they release updates and post news? You can yourself imagine simple principles of working company versus non-working one.

Step 3. Read users’ comments

Have a look user comments section on the product download page. Look through positive and negative feedback. Video download process is completely dependable on video streaming sites functioning. That is why developers must respond quickly to all changes in video hosting routine. This is often a problem for small utilities created and supported by one and the same person. Therefore, there is a plenty of negative comments when software is non-working and the developer does not hurry up to fix the problem.

With Freemake Video Downloader, you will never wait long to get the problem fixed. The software is developed and maintained by a reliable IT company with skilled tech support specialists who eagerly help you with any emerged problem.

Positive feedback also matters. As a rule, users are lazy to share their thoughts about what is good. Still, if you see numerous positive comments, it means that the tool really deserves to be thanked for by the users.


Step 4. Verify if the tool is really free

Before downloading a video download tool, make sure that it will not ask to pay for the basis functionality after some time. Just put a query “tool title + pricing” or “tool title + pro” in Google and see if the search engine will offer something for you. Usually, the so-called “free” video downloaders are free only during 30-day trial period. Then you have to buy a PRO version.

In case of Freemake Video Downloder, you will never occur in such a situation. The software is free at the beginning of its usage and during all the period, you use it. You do not need to buy any additional subscriptions or make regular donations to get the most of the tool. It is free absolutely for anyone and at any time.


Still not convinced what video downloader to choose? Well, rely upon the trust of 200,000,000 users who already use Freemake Video Downloader. So what are you waiting for? Just start bouncing off the walls and have great fun by downloading your favorite videos from thousands of video portals. Freemake Video Downloader is available for a download from Freemake software site. Need even more details – learn more on Freemake itself.

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