As a gambler, you risk your money to win big. But you don’t want to allow risks where it is not completely necessary. This is why finding trusted online casinos is paramount.

The ones with the fattest promises and the most beautiful websites are not the best ones. Read our brief guide to be able to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Legal information

Any respectable casino should be registered. If it isn’t why would you even bother risking your money at the establishment? You won’t be even able to sue them if a conflict arises.

Not all countries allow online casinos to register, however. Most countries do not regard online gambling as a viable business at all for that matter.

There are a lot of myths surrounding the industry that prevent global legalization from happening. The other factor that contributes to this is that money-laundering is very easy in these types of businesses.

With such legal opportunities at hand, many online casinos are registered in the gambling hubs but operate worldwide. For instance, you can find Malta Gaming Authority or The Gambling Commission badges on many websites. Others register in Curacao or receive an EU country license.

If the casino at hand doesn’t have this information on their page, don’t gamble there. If you can check whether this badge on the website is underpinned by the actual registration, do it. But for the most part, you can be sure it’s legal.

Clearly stated rules

All casinos have rules. Wagering requirements, promotion policies, withdrawal policies, etc. Respectable casinos state the rules clearly and make sure they are out there for everyone to see.

Rogue casinos don’t show the rules or try to hide them. In some cases, you won’t even hear about some requirements unless you want to make a withdrawal.

The thing is this is how rogue casinos trick you. They would decline withdrawal claims due to bonus abuse. The rules on bonus abuse would be ill-defined, and the casino would be in their full right to decline a payment that they owe you.

You can’t even dispute this since you agreed to the rules automatically when you created an account and started playing. You will probably end up losing your money. Even though technically you may have a jackpot on your account, you won’t be able to make a withdrawal.

This is why you should always read the rules before making a deposit.

Secure connection

You probably noticed that green lock in the address bar. If you click on it, it says that connection is secure. Some websites don’t have it. Some are marked by a red lock which means it’s not secure at all.

This icon marks that a website has an SSL-certificate. It is a standard for encrypting data. Not all sites should have them, only the ones where you have to enter your private information should.

On a casino website, you enter your name and banking information. If it doesn’t have a secure connection, there’s a possibility that your data can be stolen.

It doesn’t mean that the casino will steal it from you, but some people are out there to find weak spots in websites and abuse them. Casinos are one of the primary targets.

Only gamble at casinos that have a secure connection and your money will be safe.

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