How to change your iOS GPS Location?

Who says that pandemic means you can explore the world? By using GPS spoofing, you would have the ability to explore any place of your choice across the earth. What’s more, you can achieve all straight from your smartphone. 

Well, you may agree that faking your location isn’t a suitable replacement. However, the capability to fake location positioning has an array of practical uses. Quite impressively, setting a fake location on iPhone would help you to enjoy games like Pokémon Go, Yubo, etc. 

There is no denying that things have changed with the arrival of geo-location-based dating apps and games. Some people out there would no doubt tell you that it is a bit tricky to fake GPS. And those who don’t know about location spoofing properly tend to depend a lot more on unstable APKs and apps.    

Why is Faking Location on the iPhone the Trend Now?

Are you ardently searching for that elusive Lucario, which time and again refuses to waltz into your location? With ispoofer Pokémon go iOS, you can open up a whole new world of AR games and Pokémon Go grabbing stops. 

With a little GPS tweak, you can have the opportunity to play mind-boggling games. What’s more, with location spoofing, you can widen your dating circle. A new pool of potential dates would begin to reveal with just a little GPS maneuvering. 

And if you are looking forward to all these activities, then dr.fone – Virtual Location is your best choice. To be precise, dr. fone – Virtual Location is pretty easy to download and install. Moreover, you don’t have to rely on the hassles of downloading dangerous VPN apps to fake your location.   

Why is dr. fone – Virtual Location a Popular Choice among iPhone users?

One of the critical highlights of dr. fone – Virtual Location is its user-friendly UI. Note that location spoofing is still a new feature. What’s more, the app market still lacks dedicated applications that can spoof locations. As the popularity of location changer apps continues to increase, people are downloading APKs and unstable applications. 

These apps are usually still in their Beta versions, which makes them risky to use. Also, it is worthwhile to note that APKs can severely compromise the security of your phone if not downloaded from a trusted source. So as you can see, all these aspects complicate the way people spoof their location. 

A Brief Overview of dr. fone – Virtual Location

In case you don’t know, dr. fone – Virtual Location lets you easily fake locations with simple clicks. The application would display a map-like interface that allows users to mock their locations anywhere in the world. With dr.fone – Virtual Location, users can simulate movement between various spots in the world map. 

Apart from gaming and dating, the GPS spoof iPhone has a plethora of benefits. For instance, by spoofing your location, you would have the opportunity to download the latest updates for your iPhone. And if you think anyone is tracking you via GPS, you can fool them with a single click on the dr. fone – Virtual Location.    

Some Salient Features of dr. fone – Virtual Location

Here are some exciting features of dr. fone – Virtual Location that sets it apart from the rest of the unstable APKs and apps. 

  • Fake GPS Location on iPhone

You can enter any name or coordinates to fake your location in real-time on your iPhone. 

  • Move along Wanted Spots

With dr. fone – Virtual Location, you can select a series of preferred places on the map. Then you can explore the locations. 

  • Full-Screen View

With dr. fone – Virtual Location, switching to full-screen view is simple. Moreover, you can find interesting places to explore with a full-screen view. 

  • Support for Multiple Devices

Note that dr. fone – Virtual Location allows you to connect three different iOS devices to the same computer for location spoofing. 

How to Teleport to any location in the World with how to set up the dr.fone Virtual Location?

  • To directly teleport to any location, you have to download dr.fone on your device and install it properly. How to change your iOS GPS Location?
  • Next, you have to select the virtual location selection. Link your iPhone and tick on the get started option. How to change your iOS GPS Location?
  • After connecting your iPhone, you would find your current location in the map window of the app. How to change your iOS GPS Location?
  • If you want to use the teleport mode, click on the third icon in the upper right corner of the window. After that, you can type the address where you want to teleport to. You would find that your address has been located and fixed in Rome.How to change your iOS GPS Location?

Wrapping Up

Well, as you can see, dr. fone – Virtual Location facilitates complete ease of use. Furthermore, there are no risks associated with getting banned while playing popular AR games. So it’s high time that you opt for a reliable location changer like the dr. fone – Virtual Location.  


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