With technology booming, you can practically do anything from your mobile device. You can shop, order car service, or even order groceries with a touch of a button. So, it’s no surprise that more companies are now using mobile apps for the services they offer. 

The world of gambling has caught onto this trend, and you can now conveniently place sports bets through your phone, too! 

Where It All Begansports-betting-history

Dating back to the BC era, gambling began as a simple game played with a pair of dice. Throughout time and with new tools, gamblers found different forms of gaming, and betting became a product of that. Predicting and placing bets on future events is all too common now.

Sports bets are some of the most common wagers that bettors place. But manoeuvring through the crowd at the casino and looking over the sportsbook marquee can be a bit much. On top of that, you still have to go through the ticket writer and, for most betting beginners, that can be pretty daunting. 

This is where the magic of mobile betting kicks in.

With this new wave of betting, wagering through an app is the best way for beginners to really try betting without feeling intimidated. And for any sportsbook veterans, this method of betting lets you place wagers faster and you can avoid lines at the casino!

Downloading Sports Betting Appssports-betting-apps

With more businesses warming up to the idea of having an app, most apps are now more versatile when it comes to which phones support them. Before this, you had to double check that your phone would make it through the initial download. There was nothing more frustrating than hearing someone rave about an app and noticing your Blackberry phone wasn’t made for it. 

Oh, how times have changed! Sports betting apps of today no longer have a mobile device preference, which means both iPhone and Android users (also those waiting for the new Blackberry phone to come out) should feel encouraged to download their favourite sports betting app. Even those with tablets can download these sports betting apps! 

How Is This Different From a Sportsbook?sports-book

Some people enjoy walking over to the casino and placing bets through a sportsbook, but most people enjoy convenience. Placing a wager through a mobile app allows for the convenience of being able to look over your bets at any time. Since you carry your phone around with you everywhere you go, your bets will go with you everywhere, too. 

Another top advantage of wagering through an app is that most regular sportsbooks only let you bet on popular sporting events such as football, soccer, boxing matches, etc. Through an online betting app, you’ll get betting options for events you probably didn’t think were possible to bet on.

Fans of WWE WrestleMania, Dancing with the Stars, American Idol, and more can also place bets on who they think will win the next face-off. These types of entertainment bets are increasing in popularity, and why not try and make money while you enjoy some great entertainment tv?


If you’re a fan of wagering in general, this method of betting is worth checking out. With betting only growing along with technology, this form of wagering is not going away anytime soon.

For all we know, placing bets through a brick-and-mortar casino will soon disappear, so it’s important to keep up with the different ways to bet on your favourite sports. 

Before you go and download just any sports betting app, learn more about sports betting here. With many different apps on the market, be sure you’re getting the best one for the online gambling experience you deserve.

So, now all there’s left for you to do is to sit back, relax, open your phone, and enjoy betting!

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