How To Become A Senior Angular Developer

Welcome! Curious to know what skills and experience a senior developer should have? Development of web applications and other tasks require an angular specialist knowledge of such tools: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Angular, TypeScript, RxJS, Sass, webpack, npm, Git. It is often helpful to understand how JIRA functions, a bug tracking system used as a project management tool. Different vacancies have completely different requirements for such a position. In this article you will read what Angular is, its main features and requirements for a developer who claims the level of a senior. Read on, it will be interesting!

How To Become A Senior Angular DeveloperWhat is Angular?

Angular is a JavaScript framework developed by Google. The main goal of it creation was to simplify the process of adding some HTML code to the code in order to turn a static page into something more dynamic. Angular allows developers to use snippets of code to create diverse applications. It is very widely used for web and mobile applications. Since its release, it has seen six improved versions. Developers around the world are studying Angular because of its widespread acceptance and use, as well as the list of features that make it possible to perform any task. Angular makes it easy to integrate with third-party applications, which simplifies interface definitions in JavaScript. 

Who is an Angular developer?

Some programmers associate themselves with the term “Angular developer“, while others think that such a naming does not make sense. This concept is simply a narrowing of the profession of JavaScript developer. It makes a person someone who can only perform one category of tasks. A professional, however, “must be a brain” – to look for the most appropriate solutions for each individual situation and use them.

This cannot be done when the developer knows only one framework, reads it the best and wants to apply it in any incomprehensible situation. However, an Angular developer is a programmer who has learned layout in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and took up the study of the framework. It often happens that between the first and last points, he manages to work, for example, as a layout designer – in the office or on freelance.

There is no strict list of requirements – this is relevant for any modern direction of programming. Each company composes it according to their needs. On the one hand, this is a great advantage, since a person can identify pleasant / interesting technologies, level up in them and be in a “comfort zone”, performing part of the processes in a company that requires a suitable stack of knowledge.

On the other hand, newcomers get very lost – both at the start of their studies and when looking for their first job. If there was a clear list, everything would be clearer – the person would be required to go through the points and absorb all the knowledge as much as possible – whoever was more diligent would get all laurels. Therefore, it is important to level up and try to take advantage of the possible advantages of the situation. 

Senior Angular developer

Senior is an experienced programmer who has seen the sights and is ready to handle any complexity. For him, it no longer matters whether it will be necessary to use an angular, a reagent or another tool – it is good in many technologies. He has the maximum responsibility and skills, he is kind of a superhero in the IT world. Such a web developer makes complex architectural decisions, can certainly assess the feasibility of using any technology and has a number of soft skills. It is difficult to overestimate the role of the last point – in addition to organizational work, he should be able to:

  • maximally correctly estimate the time spent on a task;
  • train beginners;
  • understand the importance of adhering to agreements;
  • be able to form a team and manage it.

This is not the whole list of soft skills that seniors use in their work almost daily. Of course, all this is individual, but few people want to work with a programmer who does not bring projects to completion or systematically violates the deadlines set by him. First of all, it is important to be able to write high-quality, easy-to-read and predictable code. You need to be able to break down functionality into components and combine them into other, more complex components.

It will be very useful to master functional programming in JavaScript. It is trending now, as such code is more predictable and easier to understand. I recommend reading Composing Software by Eric Elliott on this topic. It will also be useful to read about Learning JavaScript Design Patterns by Addy Osmani. Senior developers should evaluate their product from a UX / UI perspective. Therefore, it is also worth reading at least basic books on UI / UX to understand how to combine colors, group elements, etc. I recommend to read Don’t Make Me Think by Steve Krug. Of course, senior developers are obliged to delve into the project, understand who the end consumer is, why this or that feature/opportunity is being implemented and what is its business value.

To do this, you need to navigate the subject area. If you are working on an application for a physiotherapist, then you need to understand the process of diagnosis and treatment, and if you are making a program for selling train tickets, you need to understand the classification of trains, scheduling and routes. The client will always expect initiative and regular communication from an experienced developer. Therefore, ask questions, comment, proactively propose solutions to complex problems that the customer may not even suspect about, because they do not lie on the surface. For example, such as improving security, performance, updating to the latest versions of libraries, etc.


“Seniorism” depends on attention to detail, attitude to work, level of English and your communication skills more than how well you know Angular. In my opinion, senior developers should handle the development process on their own, have an active position (needless to say, you can’t do task A because you don’t have tools B), understand the advantages and disadvantages of implemented solutions (be an adult and understand the consequences of your actions). Finally, I think such dudes should perceive the project as their own business, for which they mortgaged a house in the bank. Thanks for reading. Wish you success in pumping your skills to a higher level!

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