Instagram Rockstar

Intstgaram is a social networking tool for mobile platform,It gained a lot of users within few days of launching.Facebook foreseen its popularity and quickly acquired for a huge sum.

People often deceived by believing only good photos can get you more followers and likes.I do believe in that theory but only partially.

It is possible to gain more followers without posting awesome pictures,I am not backing without evidence,you can check that most popular people in Instagram don’t post awesome pictures everyday.

Then what makes them the Rockstar ???

Thats what you are going to learn in this post.

Instagram Rockstar

Tags Matters a lot

HashtagMost people do mistake on this,either they don’t add tag to their photo or they use their own tags.

Recenlty I happened to experience the result of this effect.Often I was not adding tags in my picture and by seeing my friends photo tag ,I gave try to add that tag in my next photo .

Did you know what happened ? The result was amazing…I got more than 5 likes whom I don’t even know or follow.

The people who like your photo may also follow you,So add some of these popular tag to get noticed in the crowd


Connect your Facebook Account

It’s a wise decision to connect your Facebook account on Instagram. This will fetch some followers from your Facebook friend list.

Also If you have any popular facebook page then start posting your Images there also.

facebook-likeComment and Like

Every action of our lives touches on some chord that will vibrate in eternity.  ~ Edwin Hubbel Chapin

Yes your karma follows you everywhere ,It’s applicable in web also.

If you comment and like on other people photos,More likely that they will also do the same for you.

but there is a catch in this method…If you comment on photos which got more than thousand comments and several thousand likes then there is no use of doing so.

So find the people who are like you and has small followers base.Then start networking with them.

You will start to notice amazing results very soon.

Timing also Matters a lot

time-management-clockThere are some timings when Instagram gets crowded.So if you post your Images at that time then you have high probability to get many likes and comments.

So If you ever want to post a photos,post it on these timings

  • 5PM PST on Monday
  • 3PM PST on Wednesday
  • 3PM PST on Thursday

Okay that were my idea behind becoming a Instagram Rockstar.

If you post good images combing above promoting strategies then you are more likely to many followers than just posting crappy images and hopping to get tons of followers.

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