It can be pretty hard to attract new customers to a business, old or new, in the modern-day of the internet. With hundreds of pages on the internet doing the same thing as you are, it can be quite hard to stand out, and quite hard to attract the attention of anyone who is not already involved with you. But, there are ways to attract the attention of new customers, and they are very internet and technology-related, even though they do not go too in-depth into the technical aspect of the process. All you have to do, is be aware of the tools that are available to you, make sure that your product is outstanding and employ some of the strategies that many already use, but fail to utilize correctly, simply because they do not strategize their marketing plans correctly. And yes, it is important to have a marketing strategy set up, before you get into the process of working on marketing, otherwise, you might end up with a mixed message and way fewer followers and customers than you would want. 

Bonuses and promotions

Bonuses and promotions are one of the most useful tools in the arsenal of any company that produces any kind of product. If the company is able to create a relevant promotion that attracts the attention to their product on a mass scale, without losing the attention of the local customers that have already established a relationship with the business, then the business is likely to grow their audience much wider than previously. Some of the best examples of this are how casino online bonus programs work. They create bonuses for loyal customers, as well as for new customers, that give everyone extra cash to play the games with. Product-oriented and created in order to attract new customers – the perfect combination. 

For companies that are running on selling products, rather than having their products played, one of the best things to do is hold social media promotions. Things such as giveaways to certain followers, random giveaways and giveaways for certain customers that are interested in the process of increasing their customer base. Giving away a single product, or a number of products can be a great way to attract the attention of users who are looking for free giveaways that utilize social media for some free marketing. 

Shoutouts and collaborations

There is also the option of creating a buzz about your product with the use of shoutouts from other famous companies or just famous people. Some of the best marketing is for those who are fans of a certain person. These fans are more likely to follow the advice of an individual that they admire or aspire to be like, and advertising to them with the help of this person is likely to yield a lot of followers. Getting in touch with Youtubes, Instagram influencers and so on can yield great results for a company, if the fanbase is dedicated enough and the people you are working with know what they are doing. 

There is also always merit in collaborating. Whether it is with a certain individual that has a following, getting them to collaborate on a product with you, or if it is with a different, famous company that would like you to do something for them, there are always more customers to gain when you work with someone that is not you. The Sakai x Nike collaboration is a good example of this – both release a product that they like and both receive a lot more customers for their products because of the collaboration. 

Word of mouth

Some people may not want the kind of marketing and kind of popularity that comes with marketing on social media. In the age of online marketing, people often forget how effective and important word of mouth marketing can be. It is still considered to be one of the most important aspects of any film industry – if the word of mouth about a film is bad, fewer people are going to see it, than if the word of mouth is good. So, if a company wants to create a following that is dedicated and comes back often, it is important to create a following that would do the word of mouth marketing for the company. Get people talking by allowing loyal customers certain concessions, or even by having a limited number of products that only those who hear of it first can get. Even a secret menu is likely to get a larger word of mouth marketing campaign going, as people share the information with people they feel can join the elite club of people in the know. It is important for customers to feel unique, and giving them a chance to feel so through word of mouth is bound to increase the customer return rate. 

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