The Growth of Gamers

Playing video-games is something everyone does at some point or another, especially when we feel tired or stressed. For instance, take a look at the number of online console gamers. It is expected to grow to over 57 million by 2020, according to Statistica.

Knowing these numbers, many entertainment companies reached great success. Like Activision Blizzard Inc which is in constant progresses. This company is still expanding, having over 9,000 employees by the end of 2017.

Gambling in the Online World

Indeed, with the online gamble industry is the same story. Online casinos gain terrain over land based casinos every year. Moreover, there are countless games of chance. The most iconic gamble machine is of course the one armed bandit. A metal lever and fruit symbols were enough to entertain us for over a century.

Today, slots are decorated with flashy lights, fancy symbols and many bonuses. However, there is a slot game that remains faithful to the old fruit machine. I’m talking about Sizzling Hot Online, which is a slot that looks just like an old machine. With its simplistic fruit symbols and less bonuses to focus on, this virtual reel is a classic. The game has two main versions, Sizzling Hot Quattro and Sizzling Hot 6 Extra. The first one is about spinning four sets of reels with a single bet and the other is about having an extra reel.

There are many casinos that offer this game, but StarGames is the one to look for. Since 2002, this gamble house earned its high reputation through good content.

In Brief

In 2015, 43% of the world population was connected to the internet. Within a year, this percentage increased to 47%. Therefore, either we talk about stores, playing games or watching movies, we will agree that the online world has great perks that make our lives easier.

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