The Useless Web

Have you ever got bored while browsing online ?

Silly question to ask right,Because most people browse internet when they got bored but things are different with people like me.

I used to be online more than 12 hours a day and chances are pretty high to get bored quickly (When I lose my mind).

I do several things to cut the bordom but still none of them are outside internet 🙂 .

So here is what I do to kill my bordom.

theoatmealFirst : I read web Comics, Yes the Oatmeal.

I am a big fan of Oatmeal but never visit them regularly.Whenever I feel bored the first thing which pops out of my mind is : Lets see how many Justin Bieber’s I can hit today or Surely at least one Cat Comic will be released since the last visit,Let’s do it.

Not only cats and dogs comics,I got to read some interesting and thought provoking comics like Why the Nicola tesla was the greatest geek ever lived and some tech humors like What it’s like to own an Apple product.

Give Oatmeal a try,I am sure you wont be seen here for a while.

The Useless WebSecondly,I browse through most useless websites on internet. is a directory of sickest (not really) websites on internet,Just click on “PLEASE” button and see how fastly the boredom slips though your mind.

Some websites will make you feel stupid,some creative and some entertaining.

I can list some of my favorite useless websites but If you find those websites unexpectedly on your own, you will get amazed.

Share your favorite

I am sure you will have some other methods to kill the time,Why dont you share with us ?

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