Google has been making some huge changes over the past few years. The technological powerhouse has been putting out all kinds of new tools and concepts. Google Glass might be the most far-out they’ve gone so far. The most successful changes they have made have been the amount of ways they can help personal users and businesses alike benefit. From their data collecting methods to the competition they’re offering to Microsoft’s Office suite. Google is expanding brilliantly to new territory. It can help your business do the exact same. We’re going to look at just some of the ways your business can benefit from Google’s range of tools.

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One of the oldest features of Google has been the ability to use it for advertising. Lately, however, AdWords has been getting even better for businesses. Providing you use it well. Like any good marketing strategy, you need two main things. That is clarity and a call-to-action. Good AdWords campaign management is about a few metrics to consider below the surface as well. This includes click-through rate, conversions, the average value of those conversions and more.


Besides targeting people directly with ads, Google’s also great at helping you become more visible in general. With SEO, your site can climb the ranks of relevant searches to pair your site with people actually looking for what it provides. If you’re a locally based business, you can even add more strength to that visibility. Getting your location registered on Google maps can not only make you more visible. It can also make it more convenient for potential customers to find you.

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It’s not all about marketing and customers, of course. As mentioned above, Google has been providing some serious competition to Microsoft Office lately. This is all thanks to Google Drive and the various connected apps. You can create content, spreadsheets and plenty more for free. It also serves as a great Cloud server to keep you connected to your business wherever you are. A small business might not need to worry about paying for digital space at all.


Being able to clearly communicate is key. Whether it’s with customers, with your staff or potential partners. Google Hangouts means businesses are able to do all three. Gmail makes a perfect communication hub. There’s a lot of features for sorting and organizing emails, for one. Then there’s Google Hangouts right in the page. Whether it’s a text or video chat you need, all you need is the others’ contact details and you can go right ahead.




Google tools let you do a lot more than run your business. They can also teach you how to do it better. We’ve already mentioned how great data can help you improve your AdWords marketing. It can work just as well for your website. Google Analytics can help you identify the pages of your site getting the most click-throughs. A clever business will optimize these pages to make them all the better at converting new customers.

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