The devices currently being referred to as convertible tablets are basically machines which can be operated like a standard tablet – using touch screen – but can also be adapted to be operated using a keyboard in the fashion of a laptop computer.

Thus some excitable voices are already suggesting that this adaptability could see these devices rendering both standard tablets and laptops effectively obsolete; but for this to happen these devices need to deliver in areas such as gaming.

After all, with online casino sites attracting millions of users and device manufacturers battling to attract the best games apps developers, gaming is a huge part of the appeal of mobile devices.

Unfortunately many of the models of convertible tablets currently on the market do present significant problems when it comes to gaming.

Not the least of these is the sheer size and bulk of these models – for example the Iconia W700 from Acer – which basically removes the vital element of convenience and portability which gave tablets the edge over computers in the eyes of consumers in the first place.

These devices are simply far too large and heavy to be comfortable holding over a long period, and many popular games – including online casino favourites such as poker – require this kind of time investment.

The reason for this additional bulk is the need to contain the heat generated by the powerful processors these convertible tablets feature (the Iconia W700 has an Intel one) but even if these processors are great for gaming, the weight increase means the devices themselves aren’t.

Furthermore, processors like the aforementioned Intel one tend to be considerably noisier than the silent ones most tablet users will be accustomed to, and this can be an annoying distraction when you are trying to play a game. However it is not all bad news when it comes to gaming on a convertible tablet, as many gamers will find the option of being able to use either the screen or a keyboard for controlling a game a definite plus point.

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