One of the primary concerns that businesses face is security. There have been quite a number of headlines about security breaches in both public and private sectors, compromising the private information of customers and other classified data. Even the National Security Agency or NSA has fallen victim to a security breach.

If you don’t want your business to crumble, you had better take a closer look at your security practices. It may be time for you to invest in surveillance and video analytics and other forms of technology as part of your security strategy.


Know the threats.

Verizon reports that cyber security threats fall under nine categories: Miscellaneous Errors, Denial of Service Attacks, Physical Theft and Loss, Web App Attacks, Point-of-Sale Intrusions, Insider and Privilege Misuse, Crimeware, Payment Card Skimmers, and Cyber-Espionage. These are a mix of both external risks and insider threats. Many companies focus on external risks and fail to consider that insider threats can pose a bigger problem, as was the case with the NSA.

Company employees, suppliers, and contractors have the most knowledge about the structure of the organization, its processes, the value of the information it keeps, and most of all, its vulnerabilities. Their access to the company’s systems and resources, not to mention their frequent interactions with co-workers, provide them with an opportunity to sabotage operations and ultimately cause great damage to the company.

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Examine the security practices within your business.

Knowing that there are insider threats, you have to assess your security strategy. You must be able to give attention to and allocate resources for improving your security to prevent breaches in the future. Your strategy may have worked well for you in the past, but the rapidly-changing business environment demands that you keep pace. New threats are proliferating and it is up to you to use new tools to counter them.

The improvements you’ve made to your business practices—the use of mobile technology, cloud services, social media, and web-based applications—help in increasing efficiency and productivity, but also make your business vulnerable to attacks. It is therefore crucial to know what you are doing and where your security strategy is lacking when preventing attacks.

Develop and make your security strategy more efficient.

By knowing the threats and the current status of your security strategy, you will be able to formulate a new and improved plan to prevent attacks. Take advantage of technology; by applying emerging technologies such as video analytics to your business practices, you will be immediately notified if there is a problem. Used within the office environment, for example, video surveillance and analytics can alert you to the threat of insider and privilege misuse, physical theft and loss, and miscellaneous errors. When implementing your security strategy within the organization, keep in mind to create a consistent definition of insider threat and develop clear and just policies on employee monitoring and privacy.

Having an efficient security strategy using new technologies will help you guard your business against malicious individuals. Keep your business going and invest in your security now.

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