Now you got Android Phone or Tablet,Lets have some fun by installing Apps and Games.In this comprehensive Guide I am going to show you how to install and uninstall apps on any Android device.Lets get started

There are two ways you can install Android Apps

  • Installing from official Stores such as Google Play and Amazon App Store
  • Installing Manually from using apk file (Installing using installer)

I will cover both the methods with some screenshots.

Installing Android Apps via Google Play

google-play-logoGoogle Play store is a genuine and easiest place to install Android Apps and Games,It is maintained by Google.Nowadays Google Play is shipped default with all Android smart phones so you dont need to separately intall it.Here is Google Play icon the symbol looks like.

If you are first time using Google Play then it will ask for authentication of your google account.In other words its simply your Gmail account id,You can get new Google account here.

This is how the interface looks like


Use the search bar above or select Apps option to get list of popular Android Apps.Navigate to the App you want to install and click Download which will be located in top right corner of the App description page.


Now you get option called “Download and Install“.Click on that and the app will be downloaded shortly.Once the download is complete the App icon will be created at the launcher.

Installing using APK file (sideloading)

.apk is a file extension for Android App installer,Just like .exe file for WIndows.The term, installing app using .apk file is called as sideloading.Most of the pirated apps are installed through this way but once should avoid installing pirated apps and games.

Before sideloading you need to change the settings.Go to your phone settings and check the box “Unknown SOurces”.

Now get the installer to your phone internal memory or SD card.Browse the .apk file though any android file browser.Once you select it,It will ask for an permission to install.Go ahead with the installation and once the installation is complete the icon will be created in launcher.

unknown-sourcesUninstalling apps

Its relatively simple to uninstall any Android app.Go to settings >> Applications >> Manage Applications.Select the app you want to uninstall and tap the uninstall option.

For removing apps installed via Google Play,Go to My Apps section by tapping on option button inside Google Play.It will show the list of installed Android apps,Select the app which you want to uninstall and tab uninstall option.


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