wordpress post revisions

wordpress post revisions

What is Post revisions in WordPress ?

Everytime you save your post as a draft or make king modifications and publishing it your current copy will be saved separately on you still have a old version of your article,The advantage of having this is you can revert back to old content.Lets take an example post where you are making hundreds of edits then your database will be filled with all the data you don’t need so you need to disable the WordPress Post revisions.

So,How to Disable WordPress Post Revisions?

It is really simple you need to edit the file called wp-config.php which will be located in your WordPress root installation folder.But before making the changes backup the file incase something goes wrong you can restore it.

Find the Following code in wp-config.php
define ('WP_POST_REVISIONS', true );

Now replace the above code with the below code
define ('WP_POST_REVISIONS', false );

How to delete all the existing Post Revisions ?

Use the plugin called “WP Optimize” to do that,because we don’t need to access the database directly to delete the junks.

How to set the Post Revisions limit ?

You can also set the no of revisions for a post that can be stored at maximum.Use the plugin called “WP Total Hacks“.After installing the plugin go to Dashboard << Settings << WP Total hacks << Posts & Pages << Revision Control.Around 3-5 revisions will be better for a normal blog.

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