How Can You Make Money With Linux Reseller Hosting

The practice of reseller hosting has radically changed the hosting landscape and the way we perceive the business of hosting. It lets you venture into the web hosting business and find an avenue for regular income, without having to invest in large-scale infrastructure, personnel, or other resources. With a reseller host, you can get all this and more, at a reasonable cost. 

As a reseller, you are responsible for maintaining and managing multiple websites of your clients. This means, you need to emphasize a lot on what you are offering them, so they can get the best of your service. Reseller Hosting is available in two variants, based on their respective operating systems- Windows Reseller and Linux Reseller. In the current reselling market, there is more demand for Linux Reseller Hosting, owing to its various technical and operational benefits. 

Read on to learn more about why Linux Reseller is popular and how you can get the best out of it. 

Benefits of Linux Reseller Hosting: 

  • It is an open-source platform, which means it comes for free. This makes it affordable for both you as the seller and your customers. 
  • Most of the applications that run on Linux, like DNS, FTP, File Server, etc. are also free. This radically brings down your initial investment amount.
  • The reseller hosting plans offered on Linux are much cheaper than that on Windows, making you save more. 
  • Linux is known for its resilient architecture, which makes the servers stable and performs faster and more efficiently, thus improving the performance of the websites hosted thereon. 
  • It supports low-cost and free servers like BIND, AFP, etc. and works well with programs like PHP and MySQL. 
  • You can easily opt for Linux Reseller Plans in combination with software like Apache, Sendmail, etc. which again, will save you from buying similar software separately. 
  • With a Linux Reseller, you can easily manage several cPanels and operate multiple customer accounts. 
  • Linux servers are also known to be very secure, mainly because they are open-source, programmers are constantly running tests and upgrading security measures to ensure server safety, stability, and performance. 
  • It is also very easy to set up a Linux Reseller host, and you can easily do it without any expert tech knowledge or help. Thus, you can offer the best services to their end clients, even to small businesses and startups, without much cost or hassle, and let them enjoy the privileges of high-end hosting services. 

Summing Up…

Linux OS for Reseller hosting has proven to be faster and more efficient than other OS. This gives you a lot of opportunities to establish yourself as a competitive web host at a reasonable cost. You just need to devise smart strategies to develop and expand your business. You can get all the tech support you need from your hosting provider. And to do this effectively, you should find the right reseller host who can equip you with the necessary resources and make the most out of your hosting investment.

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