How Can Podcasts Be Used as an Effective Digital Marketing Tool

The guiding principle for any marketing strategy is to attract as many customers as possible and engage them for a long time to come. However, creating long-term client relationships is challenging in a business world that grows increasingly saturated. To make the maximum impact, you will want to do something that’s not just different but exciting for potential target audiences.

Podcasting is a tool that many imagined would die out by now, but the reality is quite the opposite. Podcasts are still a useful tool for marketing your brand by engaging people. Podcasts allow you to create an immersive narrative experience that lingers on with people. Furthermore, podcasts enable you to provide your clients with a lot of information about your brand.

If you’re interested in using podcasting as a digital marketing tool but aren’t sure how, keep reading. 

Use podcasting as an SEO technique

How Can Podcasts Be Used as an Effective Digital Marketing Tool

While podcasts can often seem like casual conversations between two or more people, the truth is that they’re a lot more than just that. This includes text in the form of captions, notes, and transcriptions. All of these are crawlable by search engines. One of the most critical factors in SEO optimization for podcasts is the ‘show notes’ feature. This feature is a comprehensive way to detail the topic under discussion and provide references and notes. 

With keywords in your show notes, your podcast can show up in the SERPs, giving you a chance to attract greater attention. Furthermore, the show notes feature allows you to provide content in various formats, making your podcast meaningful and evergreen. Based on research by Nielsen, there are over 1.5 million podcast channels with over 34 million episodes as of October 2020. It is also estimated that 50 percent of the US population engages with both audio and video podcasts. Hence, with SEO optimized show notes, you can reach an even greater audience than you probably expected. 

Podcasting is one of the most straightforward marketing tools

Most other forms of marketing can have some strict requirements you need to fulfill. Facebook and Google ads, for instance, have stringent guidelines that need to be followed. For a podcasting session, all you need is a microphone. Yes, that’s literally all you need! You can podcast about virtually any topic under the sun. From fashion to dating advice to technology, there isn’t a topic you can’t make a podcast of. Additionally, you don’t need a fancy studio or software to publish your podcast – you can even record one from your phone. Podcasting is a relatively low-cost and minimum-effort-required form of marketing and one that can yield great results. Terrific ROI!

All that matters is the content. If you can market your brand in a catchy and engaging manner, podcasts can generate leads effectively. While it helps to publish detailed show notes, you can keep the podcast itself conversational too. Podcasting is an easy, use free marketing tools because you build a dedicated list of subscribers without much effort.

Podcasting ads can be extremely effective 

Most viewers don’t appreciate ads while watching a video or just scrolling by. However, when it comes to podcasting, things are much different. Conversational marketing can be more useful than traditional marketing, as clients can feel more engaged. This helps explain why 63% of people are known to make a purchase recommended by a podcast host. Businesses use conversational marketing via chatbots to mimic a real conversation to address the client’s concerns. However, podcasting takes the conversational aspect to the next level by adding a human element. If the product recommendation comes from a host subscribers are loyal to, you can expect a lead or sale. 

Podcasts have collaborative potential

How Can Podcasts Be Used as an Effective Digital Marketing Tool

If you’ve ever listened to a podcast, you’ll know that typically there are two or more people in the conversation, with at least one being an expert in the field. Not only does having participants make the podcast feel more interactive, but it can also help you exert more influence. Having an expert talking about your product can go a long way toward promoting your business. However, that’s not the only way you can collaborate on podcasts. You can also join other hosts on their podcasts as the expert and promote your brand to an entirely new audience. Not only does this help you establish your place as an industry leader, but you get the chance to boost your credibility and outreach.

Podcasting gives your brand a unique voice 

Nowadays, brands need to try incredibly hard to connect with the audience and their sincerity. Consumers now look for a compelling brand story and vision, amongst various other factors, before committing to any brand. Podcasting can be the best tool for you to articulate your vision, ideas, and story to the public. Furthermore, podcasting offers you an alternative to traditional marketing tools and can help you distinguish yourself from the crowd. You can address your niche problems in a unique tone and take up new, important topics. All this can help you differentiate your brand from the crowd and give your brand a unique voice. 

Podcasting merges well with other forms of marketing

With such intense competition in the business world, you can’t rely on just one method to market your brand. Luckily, podcasting is a useful tool that merges well with other marketing techniques. You can advertise your recent blog posts or videos in your podcasts, or vice versa. Furthermore, if users can’t scroll through in-depth blog posts on the go, they can easily listen to podcasts. Thus, you can use podcasts as a useful marketing tool to fill the gaps in your strategy and reach a target audience via numerous marketing channels. 


Podcasts have been around forever, but their popularity died off somewhere in the middle. However, they’re making a comeback, and there’s no better time than now to create your place in the podcasting world to publicize your business effectively. You can reach newer audiences and connect to them on a human level. So, for a holistic marketing strategy, be sure to focus on podcasting. Write your content, switch on that microphone, and start recording.

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