In previous article I just mentioned how to remote upload huge files to dropbox. In this post I am going to show how you can backup your website to Dropbox.There is an excellent online solution called “My Backup Box” which will transfer your website files to Dropbox via FTP or SFTP.

1.You need to take a backup of your website

You can take a backup yourself via cPanel backup wizard or using the premium plugin called “Backup Buddy“.Incase you dont know how to backup via cPanel watch this video.

Now you need to store the backup file in some folder and should create an FTP account to access that folder.

2. Now Go to https://mybackupbox.com/ and create an account by using your Email Address.Now choose FTP icon or SFTP icon and fill up the FTP Details that you create for your backup folder.


3.Now connect your Dropbox account by authorizing it using your Dropbox email Id and password.



4.Now you can transfer your backup files immediately or you can schedule the backup.


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