In today’s bustling tech-driven society people want everything to be accessible at the tips of their fingers. If businesses are not bowing to these needs, their customers will turn to someone who will. Smartphone apps have changed the way that several businesses operate and communicate with their clients and customers. Ranging from taking payment, to placing orders, and offering promotions, smartphone apps are revolutionizing business. Simplikate is a mobile app developer, and there are a number of other good providers out there who offer apps to businesses who are wanting to stay current in technology.

content_marketing_opi_photo552103-18-2013Big banks do it

The competition in the world of banking is fierce and highly competitive. With Chase Bank’s launch of their online banking app, competitors followed suit. However, Chase was the first bank to offer an app, and they are still ranked number one in the country. All big banks have mobile sites that allow their customer’s to gain account access from an Android or iPhone. However, Chase has an app with features that allow one to send a text to get their balance and one can even deposit a check by using their smartphone. If any industry can pinpoint a player and use it to testify to the fact that business apps turn a profit, Chase definitely stands out as such an example in big banking.

Attracting new business

You don’t have to be Wells Fargo to have an app; small and medium-sized businesses use apps to help promote their brands and to grow their business. Mobile apps are a great way for tapping into a wide audience of tech savvy consumers. According to Cnet News mobile apps increased last year by 35 percent—meaning that as many people who watch TV also use apps on a regular basis. Therefore, your market audience is there; tapping into them and earning their business should be one of your primary goals to insure business growth.

Offer better customer service

We all know that people buy from those they like, and good customer service goes hand-in-hand with client retention. Mobile apps can be used to offer better customer service through improved communication and offering savings.

Retail stores can use apps to record purchases and use that data to compile a unique profile for each customer that attests to their buying behavior. This information can then be relayed to the customer to let them know when a product they normally purchase goes on sale, or it can be used to generate coupons to entice them to come back and spend more.

Apps can also be used as a sounding board for customers to leave feedback and testimonials. This is highly advantageous for several reasons. For starters, giving your customers a voice will make them feel as if their business is truly valued. This will also allow you to control your business reputation by seeing what people are saying about you and your products and will allow you to respond back to them while clarifying any misconceptions.

Do some research

Are your competitors using apps? Do some research and see what the competitor down the street is doing with mobile technology. Make a list of the things you would want an app to do for your business and your valued clients, and make some phone calls. It is time to take your business to the next level.

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