Refog Inc. company is the maker of Hoverwatch products. Established over 14 years ago, it offers control solutions to both parents and employers. Due to quality and high performance, the demand for their products continues to rise. In the past six years alone, the company has spread to over 196 countries. With more than 12 million computers using Hoverwatch products, the app is popular.

In the financial sector, most corporations use the Refog Employee Monitor. The company continues to search for even better solutions as trends change. The phone-tracking app is popular with parents. It has the ability of tracking their children’s phone use. It is easy to use and the price is affordable. The software has unique features that enhance discreet tracking.

Free Phone Tracker

This free phone- tracking app offers many functional features. You have to sign-up for a free online account before installing the app. By following simple instructions, you can check the activities of your child in an Android phone. These include calls and text messages, location, Whatsapp and Facebook among others. The app is compatible with Mac OS X, Windows PC, and Android. Among the features are:

Phone Tracking App in Android

Text Messages and Calls

The SMS tracker allows you to keep a record of all incoming and outgoing calls. You can also see all MMS and SMS messages that the phone user received or sent. The app also allows you to view photos and images from your account.

Remain Invisible

Your children will not notice the tracker even if they understand their devices well. This feature is discreet and invisible. It spies and collects information as you wish.


This feature lets you know the location of the phone user. The phone tracking app traces the location of the Android phone with the help of GPS. Wi-Fi signals and the cell towers determine the nearest position of the phone user.

geolocationWhatsapp and Facebook Tracking

You can access all Whatsapp and Facebook messages on another Android phone. The Android phone-tracking app gives access to outgoing and incoming messages. Better still, you can copy and save all files including audio, videos, and photos.

Front Camera photos

The tracking app has an automatic unique front camera feature. It takes a photo each time the screen of the Android phone unlocks. You are able to see a photo of the phone user.

Sim Card Replacement

This app does not depend on the sim card. When there is no sim card, you will still track the phone. Further, whenever there is sim replacement, the software will notify you by SMS.


Sim Tracker – Home

You can check children’s online activities when you are away from home. Just ensure you have Wi-Fi connection. This Hoverwatch phone-tracking app has no barrier in terms of distance.

Sim Tracker – Business

Are you worried about employees’ online activities during working hours? Use the Hoverwatch SMS tracking app to check their online engagement. This app saves you money for employing supervisors.

Getting Started

The process of starting and signing up for this phone-tracking app is simple. The Hoverwatch website shows three easy steps to follow, which are:

  1. Sign up – Get a free online account. You need an email and a password of your choice
  1. Prepare devices for downloading and installing the Phone Tracker app. To do this, use your online account in step 1.
  1. Start Watching – Follow any other instructions on the app and start tracking.

Hoverwatch for Android is not compatible with all phone devices. You need a tablet or phone using Android 4.x – 6.x. You should also be able to access the Android device you want to track. This device must have a connection to the internet. It is the only way to receive information in your online Hoverwatch account.

A Friendly Pricing Plan

The software is has two pricing plans to choose from: personal and family. The personal plan is for monitoring one device while the family plan is for monitoring up to five devices. After choosing a suitable plan, you can choose the monthly, quarterly or annual payment plan. When choosing a suitable pricing option, it is great to pay for 12 months upfront. It allows you to save over 50 percent of the cost.

Highly Recommended!

The Hoverwatch phone-tracking app is ideal for parental control. By signing up for this software, you can track teenagers as they grow. The app is discreet as it tracks and records information from another Android phone. The geolocation feature will always let you know the whereabouts of your children. As an employer, you can use this app to keep in check the performance of your employees.

What makes this app fantastic is that it is easy to use. It takes about a minute to install after which you can view the entire activity from an online dashboard. Although it might seem pricey when using one device, it is cost effective if you would like to monitor several devices, making it one of the most affordable tracking solutions

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