The world is slowly getting digitalized and every small business is getting its business online by building a website. The Internet is cluttered with thousands of hosting providers and only a handful of them get it right.

Webmasters often look for the cheaper solutions, but let me tell you a secret. The money you save with cheap hosting providers will be lost indirectly by their downtime and inability to keep the servers up and running all the time.


There are two types of hosting, the shared hosting and Virtual Private Server or VPS hosting. In the first one, hundreds of sites are hosted along with your site, and if any one of them is spam, you will lose the value as well.

VPS often come with a higher price compared to shared, but the benefits are indefinite. The only drawback is you need to be aware of coding and setting up new stacks like LEMP. Getting started with it is quite complicated.

What if the high costing of VPS and complicated setup, both are eliminated? That’s where Host1Plus comes into picture. After hours of searching for a reliable yet budget VPS, I came across them and how! The amazing features it packs in, and the customer support, you need to try them out.

Host1Plus VPS Features:host1plus-vps-hosting-the-budget-vps-service-features

  • Hard Drive along with SSD Cache. This helps in storing huge amount of data and loading them quickly when needed. It helps in securing your website from times when there is sudden peak in traffic. Most of the e-commerce websites use it. Also, the Macs use this technology. They call it a fusion drive, where, the HDD is used for storage while SSD is used for transferring and rendering files, which ultimately speeds up the overall process.
  • Host1Plus has its data centers around the world including Chicago, Los Angeles, Brazil, Frankfurt and Sao Paulo. With this wide variety of locations, you can choose the most preferred data center as per your choice.
  • cPanel and WHMCS licenses available as add-on, and thus for those with no coding knowledge can manage and setup their servers in a mere 15 minutes’ time. It took us 10 since we had a knowledge on how to go about it.
  • More than 3 operating systems available at your disposal, choose any one that fits your requirement.
  • DDoS Protection is one the most important features personally, and that no webmaster should ever compromise on this ever increasing cyber war threat. How many VPS providers give this feature? Hardly any.
  • This is the second most important thing to look forward to when buying a good VPS, and it is customer support. Host1Plus has an excellent support team working 24/7, to solve any of your tech queries. Adding on to it, if you are a Spanish, Portuguese or Lithuanian speaker, they have those staff as well.


This could be the selling feature for many, suiting all the pocket sizes, and that too for all the features mentioned above.

Pricing for Host1Plus VPS hosting starts from $2.5/month to $40/month, depending upon the number of CPU, RAM and storage space you choose.



  • Budget, yet not cheap. Suits all the pocket sizes
  • Features you would want your website to flaunt
  • Data Center locations covering most of the zones
  • DDoS protection and cPanel licenses as built in add-ons
  • 24/7 customer support


  • Every VPS provider has some cons, but we are yet to find one solid drawback that could overweigh the above features. None yet.

Hence, if you are looking for a VPS provider who is reliable and suits your pocket at the same time, you know whom to choose!

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