Innovations in technology keeps piling up every day.

Google has come up with a small update to it’s DRIVE and this sure is a treat for web developers.

This update deals with hosting your website on DRIVE and share it as “Public on the web” and your website is visible to everyone.

Google itself has provided with steps for drafting your website.

Step 1 : Create a new folder in the drive.

Step 2: Share the folder as “Public on the web”.

Step 3: Upload you HTML, CSS , java script file into the folder.

Step 4:Once the upload is done open your HTML file and you will find a “preview” button in the tool bar.

Step 5: Share the URL that begins like…………. and everyone can see your website.

So this is how you host the site.


The Idea of Google here is to make more people use it’s DRIVE in the competitive market. But if you have host that has better flexibility and service ignore  then never take importance of this update.

If you want see the demo of the site then sure this will come handy.

The major drawback of this facility is that everything has to be open to the public (as you are required to share files and folders) and thus you will not have any privacy.

For web newbies a great platform to experiment you skills and ideas.

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