holo-music-android-player-3Previously we have discussed about Best Music Players available for Android and now we are back with some serious contender for the title.I came across this new Android Music player called Holo Music Player on XD Forum.It was developed by Jack Underwood,A member of XDA Forum.

User Interface

The UI of Holo Music player looks very professional and reminds me of Google now and Google Play UI.It looks very sleek and clean but Many peoples also requested the dark version.

Holo Player supports lyrics feature and its easy to fetch the Album art.It supports all the basic function that a decent music player does and kudos for the sleek interface.

The app is still in developmental stage,So it may crash few times but nobody report any serious bugs.Here is a screenshots

[button link=”https://dl.dropbox.com/u/84224888/NowPlaying5.apk” variation=”hot_pink”]Download Holo Music Player (.apk)[/button]

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