Hide My IP – An Ultimate Tool to Protect Your IP Address

by Dan

Want to protect your IP address? Hide My IP can help you. Now, you can stay safe online and prevent hackers from accessing your IP address easily.

About Hide My IP

Hide My IP is a VPN (Virtual Private Network) tool that enables you to encrypt the internet traffic, surf the internet anonymously, prevent hackers from acquiring your IP address, access blocked websites, and stay safe online by changing your IP.

Reasons For Using Hide My IP

  • Tremendous encryption: Hide My IP uses OpenVPN with 256-bit encryption—the safest VPN protocol. This signifies that your Internet traffic as well as activities are encrypted completely. And not even your internet service provider or the government can determine the websites you visit or surf, while Hide My IP is running.
  • Access to blocked websites: Hide My IP allows you to access all blocked websites whenever needed. This especially comes in handy for people who travel quite often to other countries and require using the internet periodically. Since internet availability differs from a country to another country, websites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are often blocked. Moreover, sites including Pandora, BBC iPlayer, and Netflix are not accessible in many countries. With Hide My IP, you get to change your IP address for over 75 locations all across the world, thereby having full access to all blocked websites.
  • Boost in internet connection: Often, using a proxy VPN—Hide My IP helps in boosting the stability and speed of your internet connection by a great deal. There are issues of slow network or unstable internet connection encountered when your internet service provider is dealing with routing issues on a network; the issue is generally prevalent in developing countries. Hide My IP fixes this issue by augmenting your internet traffic routing, providing an alternate path to access a website, and causing the website to load quickly and reliably.
  • Great compatibility: Hide My IP is available for free on Windows, Android devices, and Mac. Although the version for Android is fully free, yet it restricts the IP locations to be selected by you unless you purchase a full license. You can manually configure Hide My IP accounts on devices including iPad, iPhone, and routers supporting OpenVPN configuration.
  • Easy-to-use user interface: Hide My IP provides a list of several locations; out of those, you need to select your desired location to connect automatically. This will change your IP address for all Web browsers and all apps (in case of Android version) on your internet connection.

The Process of Using Hide My IP

With a simple and easy-to-use interface, Hide My IP is extremely easy and quick to use. Just a couple of steps to be performed in the given sequence, and you are done. Let’s learn how to use Hide My IP right now.

Note: The below-mentioned guide displays the steps performed in using Hide My IP on Windows; nonetheless, the steps more or less remain similar for Mac and Android editions, as well.

Perform the following steps carefully after you have downloaded and installed Hide My IP in your computer system:

  1. Launch Hide My IP after you have installed it in your computer system successfully.

The Hide My IP window appears with your IP address at the top, three buttons: Advanced Settings, HIDE MY IP, and Settings, and two sections: Quick Settings and Premium High-Speed Service, as shown in Figure 1 below:

Figure 1

Figure 1

  1. Locate the Select Desired Location list box in the Premium High-Speed Service section.
  2. Click the drop down arrow beside the Select Desired Location list box to display the drop down list of different locations, as shown in Figure 2 below:
Figure 2

Figure 2

The drop down list appears, as shown in Figure 3 below:

Figure 3

Figure 3

  1. Select the desired location in the drop down list. In our case, we have selected the Pune, India location in the drop down list, as shown in Figure 4 below:
Figure 4

Figure 4

The Searching for an available IP message appears, as shown in Figure 5 below:

Figure 5

Figure 5

A new window appears once the processing is finished, as shown in Figure 6 below:

Figure 6

Figure 6

You have hidden your IP successfully.


Hide My IP is an immaculate way to keep yourself secure over the internet, protect your identity, prevent anybody including the Government from spying on you, encrypt your internet connection, and send anonymous emails. Without a doubt, it is worth a try. So, go for it just now.

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