CLICK CLICK CLICK and your data is gone forever!! But wait, here is a chance to get it back using some fascinating data restore utilities. These utilities claim best results if applied immediately once the data loss situation strikes to your system. Else, you may not able to fully recover whatever you’ve lost as deleted or lost files may get overwritten by some other files or because of system maintenance.

Data stored on the electronic devices are not secured enough and can be easily become inaccessible, damaged or lost due to of malware/virus injection, device instability, registry damages, file corruption etc.  Storage devices such as Hard disk drive, memory card, flash drive are comparatively fails unexpectedly and may give no chance to user to save their important data. The only solution remains is the usage of efficient data recovery software which treats such devices carefully and ensure the integrity of your lost data even after the recovery.

About Hetman Partition Recovery

Hetman Partition recovery is one such popular utility designed to meet various data recovery needs by taking minimum possible time frame and using as less system resources as possible. It works with latest Windows operating system i.e. Windows 8/ Windows 8.1 and supports list of file system type such as FAT12, FAT16, NTFS, NTFS5 etc. You don’t need to worry about the file types you want to recovery, Hetman software supports over 200 file types for recovery from the whichever problem media you want.



Hetman offers convenience to user by facilitating Windows explorer like wizard based recovery where user can see their problem device listed along with all the other internal/externally attached storage media devices.

As soon as you start the software, you’ll be provided with simple to understand data recovery wizard where everything is explained which you’ve needed to perform successful recovery.


From the beginning to the end, Hetman software keeps the overall process smoother and extremely easy.


Hetman software works on 3 step recovery mechanism through which, user can perform faster recovery and get their data recovery status on the fly. Data recovery steps includes select drive, chose recovery method, preview and finally recover your files.

Wizard based interface offers you the flexibility to choose problem media for recovery without any hassle. Next, you’ll need to choose recovery method such as Quick or Deep. As the name suggest, if you’ve only looking for files which has been lost or deleted recently then Quick recovery is the way to go.


Deep recovery or ‘Full analysis’ dig more deeper and use to repair the corrupted or logically damaged partitions as well as perform recovery from the same. It may take little more time so have patience and initiate this operating whenever you’ve enough time.

Installation and Requirements

Hetman partition recovery is a tiny setup program (14.4 MB in size) available for free to download. It has very basic requirements to be installed on your Windows system such as 512 MB RAM, 20 MB hard disk space, Windows XP or higher etc.


You can install this program on any Windows running machine just the way you use to install any other windows based program. Once the installation is completed, you can start the software from the desktop by double clicking on it.

For more in-depth working and functionality review, consider watching the tutorial mentioned below:

Final thoughts

Hetman partition recovery works best against various minor or major data loss situation and claims the best possible result. I’ve came across numerous other recovery programs out of which, Hetman works above all and overall running time is below than half.

Free recovery utilities is just a waste of time and involves risk of losing your files permanently. I’d better recommend you stay out of it and choose this dedicated recovery program that may perfectly suit for almost any type of data recovery needs.

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