People hire an Uber for almost everything these days. The convenience of booking the vehicle through an app and getting picked from and dropped wherever you want is something that very few radio taxi services offer. Uber has become a household name and has sustained heavy competition in the radio taxi space. One of the reasons why Uber has maintained its market share is because of the number of vehicle categories that it offers. While other services are not as versatile as Uber, Uber continues to innovate and come up with new solutions.

Why Ride Uber Black

Uber is popular, and while it is a convenient and economical choice for most people who pick the cab on a regular basis, there are times you would want to arrive in style and in such scenarios you can consider riding an Uber black. The rides for Uber black are on the higher end, but considering you get to ride a luxury car without worrying about parking, it’s a great deal. If you have to attend a meeting or go someplace important and you are eager to impress, then riding the Uber black is something you should do. All the cars that fall under the Uber Black category are black in color and are all luxury vehicles. These are all sedans or SUV’s, however, getting an SUV is a little tough since there are fewer SUV’s as compared to sedans. If you’re wondering how to drive an Uber Black, then here are a few steps to follow.

How To Book An Uber Black

Requesting an Uber Black is not that different from any other Uber that you book. However, you should keep in mind that Uber Black is one of the most popular services and you may end up not finding a cab each and every time if you are booking at the last minute. Here are the basic steps of booking an Uber Black.

Requesting The Ride

You need to open the Uber app and click on the box that says ‘Where to’. In the box you will need to enter your destination. The integrated map in the app will find the exact location and give you the co-ordinates. You then need to confirm your pick up address. The app would once again detect your current location and ask you for a confirmation. If you need to be picked up from another destination, you need to adjust the pin on the map accordingly.

Once you confirm the pickup and drop addresses, you are given a choice of vehicles with an estimated wait time for each. You will also be given an estimate fare. You also need to select your preferred method of payment. From the list of vehicles you need to select Uber Black and the app will look for the vehicle closest to your pick up address. Once the vehicle has been confirmed you will get your vehicle and driver details on your app and you can even see where the vehicle has reached using the map in the app. You will have the contact details of the driver and you can contact the driver if there is a delay or a change in the pickup address.

Begin Your Journey

Once the vehicle arrives to pick you up, you need to check the registration number of the vehicle and match it with the app before entering the vehicle. Once the details are verified, you can get in and the driver will begin the trip. He will be given the shortest route possible based on traffic suggestions and road conditions. Once the trip begins you can pop your earphones on and enjoy the journey.

Reach Your Destination In Style

Once you reach your destination your driver will end the trip and you will be charged as per your method of payment that you selected at the start of the trip. You can complete the payment and exit the vehicle as soon as you arrive. Once you have completed your trip, you will be given the option of rating your driver based on your journey. Please make sure that you rate accordingly as this will help Uber improve their services.

Booking an Uber is convenient, easy and time saving. It helps you to travel in style without worrying about parking space or fuel which is why more and more people are picking Uber over driving their own cars. The various car options that Uber offers makes it very convenient for you to be able to travel whenever you want to, wherever you want, without spending too much money. However, if you want to get those eyes turning, shell out a little more and ride the Uber black today.

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