Average smartphone owners have over 100 apps on their devices but only use about 40 on a regular basis. In the past decade, apps have exploded in popularity due to the convenience and entertainment they provide.

Are you trying to expand the reach your business has? The best way to do this is by providing the masses with an app that is both easy to use and functional.

Some business owners make the mistake of trying to build their own app, but this generally ends in disaster. Hiring an app developer with a great deal of experience can help you get the results you are after with ease.

Read below to find out more about how to make a user-friendly app your audience will love.

Know Who Your Target User Is

Some business owners get so wrapped up in how their new app will look that they forget all about their target audience. Failing to realize who your core demographic is and what they want can lead to you missing the mark with your new app.

Once you have a handle on who you are building a new app for, making decisions on what direction to go in will be much easier. Completely tailoring your new program to your base will make it far more successful.

Avoid Overcomplicating the App Design 

While having a visually appealing app is important, it is easy to get a bit carried away. If there are too many pop-ups or moving parts to an app’s home screen, it can confuse new users.

The best thing you can do to make your app more visually stunning is to keep it simple. Having the guidance of an experienced app developer can help you avoid design mistakes along the way. Make sure you feature your logos and branding prominently in your app.

Make Sure Your App is Performing Properly

If the app your business provides consumers is always crashing or not performing properly, it can lead to a lot of missed sales opportunities. When having your app constructed, you need to ensure there is monitoring software in place.

Are you looking for comprehensive app monitoring software? If so, be sure to visit https://www.appoptics.com/application-performance-monitoring. Being able to continuously monitor your app’s performance is a great way to catch issues before they cause big problems.


Don’t Forget About Offline Performance

Another great way to make your app more user-friendly is by providing optimal offline performance. There will be times when app users don’t have a Wi-Fi connection but will need to access your app.

Making this possible can help to make your app more popular. You should also focus on minimizing the amount of power your app takes to operate. Allowing professionals to weigh in on how to best optimize your app can help you avoid mistakes during the development process.

Enhanced Response Speed is Important

Modern consumers expect the apps they use to be lightning fast. If an app takes too long to load, users may lose interest and delete it from their device.

The key to keeping an app fast is keeping the images and graphics to a minimum. The more things you have trying to load on your app, the slower it will inevitably become. Providing consumers with a stripped down app that actually functions will help you increase the reach your company has.

Before working with an app developer, take a look at some of their previous work. Generally, you will be able to get a sense of a developer’s style and skill by assessing the contents of their portfolio.

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