sony-logoI chose Sony Xperia J as my first Android Phone,Things gone pretty well but got slightly disappointed with its performance after few days.I Honestly feel that the look of Sony Smart Phones were better then its competitor Samsung and thats why the Sony is still making good number of sales.

Recently I stumbled upon a Reddit post which discusses about Sony’s inability to cope up with the market growth and How it can become a better Smart Phone manufacturer.Here is summarized version of the post.

Fixing the Naming convention

The problem with sony is : they produce too much smart phone variants and their naming conventions are pretty confusing for a buyer.For example last year (2012) Sony has released 23 variants and most of which didn’t make good impression on market.Phones are named like T/TX/TL which is really confusing for a buyer to spot the difference between the variants.

So its wise to release few Smart Phones but with a great focus on its performance and fixing the naming convention.

The Water Proof brand

Sony is the leading smart phone manufacturer which produces water proof phones.Its latest products Xperia Z and Xperia acro S made a huge buzz because of this unconventional feature and In near future,we can expect more demand for such water proof phones.

Timely OS updates

Sony still lags behind other manufacturers like Samsung interms of giving Timely OS updates.Sony can increase their Geeks fanbase by giving very early OS updates and Apps updates.

Focus on Gaming

Sony is a leading manufacturers of Gaming consols but still the gaming performance and Games available for Sony Android Phones are not good enough.Sony can win the hearts of hardcore and casual gamers by releasing PS certified Android Games.

Better Camera

Camera is one such thing which Sony disappointed me a lot.The camera quality is incredibly awful at night shoots and some what better for day shots.Nowadays people who buys Smart phones also look for good camera quality and If Sony wants to stick around it needs to focus on better camera.

via Reddit

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