Like every bride, every groom wants to look his best on his special day. As the groom, you may soon find that choosing a perfect ensemble is not as simple as it may seem. There’s so much more to the groom’s attire than one might expect. To help you get started, we sat down with JJsHouse designer, Jessica, who gave us her expert advice and recommendations to help us put together this guide to groom style.

To begin with, Jessica notes that “The most important things to take into consideration are what the spouse-to-be is wearing, the theme of the wedding, the location and the weather.” With these topics in mind, we’ll help you get started on upping your style game for the big day.

Coordinate with Your Spouse-to-Be

“A good place to begin planning the groom’s wedding ensemble is to take a look at what his spouse-to-be is planning to wear,” notes Jessica. Observe how formal her gown is and whether there are any color details in her dress or accessories that you can play off of in your ensemble. If the bride’s gown is super-formal, the groom shouldn’t be underdressed. At the same time, if the bride chose a more casual dress, the groom shouldn’t arrive wearing a very formal tux. By coordinating with one another, you can elevate each other’s looks with details and embellishments.

Consider the Wedding Theme

In addition to coordinating with your spouse-to-be, you also need to coordinate with the wedding theme. Is your ceremony rustic? Beachy? Super-formal? Bold and bright? “The groom can use his wedding theme to add details to his attire that tie it all together,” advises Jessica. For example, a country-themed wedding might be the perfect occasion to wear a flannel bow-tie. A beach theme may call for a touch of Hawaiian print or a cool hat. Have fun and be creative by playing off of the wedding theme.

Dress for the Season

Part of looking great means feeling comfortable and matching the colors and trends of the season. When you’re considering material and color, consider the season in which your wedding is taking place. For example, winter is a good time to play with alternative materials like velvet, while in spring you might consider wearing a light pastel shirt under your tuxedo jacket.

Don’t Overlook the Details

There are lots of little details that people may overlook when it comes to the groom’s wedding ensemble. From head-to-toe, use accessories to coordinate with the aspects we’ve discussed so far. Start by deciding whether you want to wear a hat, a tie or bow-tie and suspenders. Don’t forget about the details in the cuff links, belt and shoes either. All of these accessories provide opportunity for you to add a touch of your own personal style to your ensemble and to elevate your look.

Whether you’re going rustic, colorful or formal, stay true to your personality and style. Jessica points out that a well-dressed groom is one who looks like a cleaned-up version of himself, not like someone who was forced to play dress-up. Communicate with your spouse-to-be to make sure that you get to wear something that matches her, the wedding and the season without losing your personal sense of style in the mix.

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