Linux distros have always been considered low on the games but there are also some really good games.There are lot of developments and tweaks being made on the games front to make the OS more user friendly and interesting.
I hope there are large number of people using Windows as a gaming OS and only because they have to.

Here I  list the top and my favorite games on Ubuntu.
To begin with

Battle of Wesnoth(1.8)

It is turn based strategy game.It has fantasy theme.

Recruit your own men to fight for you, train them and turn them into veterans.

The is limited by your imagination you can create unit, maps, scenarios and draft your own campaign.

The game has more than 200 units.Up-to 8 players can play the game.


It is simple 2D platform kart racing gaming,

With exquisitely designed 20 tracks and karts.You can play against your friends or AI karts.

It has funny characters including the characters called “Tux” and “Mozilla”.

You can gain different powers like roller balls or cakes or plungers etc. This game is addictive.

If you have played Super Mario on your video game set then surely you will like this game.

Instead of Mr.Mario you have penguin and most of the game design is similar to Super Mario and it has 26  playable levels

and game is probably designed keeping in the mind the atmosphere as in Antarctica for penguins.

Warzone 2100:
The theme of the game is great, the game revolves around building the world after mankind has been destroyed by the nuclear weapon.

It is also a strategy based game with exciting user interface. The play offers over 400 different technologies, units and attacks.



A free software clone of Quake III.

It is a network enabled first person shooting game.

The game has easy-to-learn controls and with good graphics,(runs on minimum spec computers).

The game play is fast and offers thrilling experience.

In simple words this game is perfect rendition of “Quake 3”.



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