Got a Problem with Android ? List of Android Community Forums to get it solved

by Dan

Have you Recently Encountered a bug on your Android powered smart phone ?..Want to know how to Improve your Smart phone battery life ?…Here is the list of top android community forums where you can find answer to problems regarding Android,These forums also share the best Apps,Apps features,Videos and Android phone reviews.


  • Android Community – Most popular Android forum,It also provides Android Phone reviews,Videos and ‘How to’ Android Articles.
  • XDA Developers – One of the best website for Android Developers,apart from forum it also has Wiki and video portal for mobile devices called XDA TV
  • Android Forums – Powerful Android Apps and Gaming Community,You can discover lot of Great Android Apps which you doesn’t even know it exists.
  • Talk Android Forum – Simple Android forum which provides Android wallpapers and Apps,Android contests are help regularly.
  • Android Central – Great website to know latest News related to Android,also has a Android Apps store.

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