Google Glass,An augmented reality Glass by Google making lot of buzz around nowadays and Google will very soon push the hardware for a public sale.Few days before Google officially released Tech Specs of Google Glass and introduced a Google API called Mirror.

Now Google has officially revealed the voice commands for Google Glass,With voice commands we can accomplish lot of stuffs like making a call,taking a picture,recording a video,getting directions,texting and even a Google Plus Hangout.

Interestingly all the command start with “Ok Glass” followed by the task code.So,Lets find out below

To Make a Call

Ok Glass,Make a call to ___

Google Glass should be paired with bluetooth device before making a call.The voice command “Ok Glass,Make a call to Bill Gates” will make a call to Bill Gates if you have his number in your contacts.You can dd new contacts via My Glass App.

To Send a Text

ok glass, send a message to ___

The voice command “ok glass, send a message to vivek hi what’s up” will send me a message “hi what’s up” if you have my number in your contacts.To send a SMS message,My Glass application should be already be installed otherwise the message will be sent as Email.

Google Search

Ok Glass,Google ___

The voice command “Ok Glass,Google Facebook” will retrive the google search results of the term “Facebook”.

Taking a Picture and Recording a Video

ok glass, take a picture

You can either use the button to take a picture or the above voice command.

ok glass, record a video

This command will start the video recording but the default record length will be 10 seconds,For extended video recording you need to tap the touchpad and select Extend video option.

Getting Directions via Google Maps

ok glass, get directions to ___

First enable this feature via My Glass Android App and then just add the address you want to reach besides the above command.For example “ok glass, get  directions to 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA” to get directions of Google HQ.You can also search for nearest Hotels,Gas stations etc.”ok glass, get  directions to ‘the nearest gas station’” will retive directions to the nearest Gas station.

Google Hangout

ok glass, hang out with ___

You can instantly start a hangout with particular friend or circle with this voice command.For example “ok glass, hang out with Vivek” to start a hangout with particular person or “ok glass, hang out with Friends” to hangout with Friends circle.

For more information regarding the commands head over to official Google Glass support site.

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